Did Amy Childs Plan a Secret Wedding?

All eyes were on Amy, is a slinky white dress

We've been following Amy Childs on Instagram for years now, and while we've got used to her gorgeous photos of baby Polly, we were surprised and confused when she shared a selection of wedding photos this weekend... 


Amy posted this snap of her in a gorgeous white dress, with her mum and brother, captioned: "We laughed, we cried, happy 30 year anniversary to mum and dad! Can't believe dad had no idea about the wedding, keeping a secret for all that time was so hard. Had the best day with all of my family and friends, thank you for everyone that came, how beautiful does my mummy look 😍😍"

What we're not sure on, is whose wedding it was... a vow renewal for her parents, perhaps, given her comment about surprising her dad?

All we know, is that both Amy and her mum look *amazing* in their white dresses - must be their Essex tans!

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Amy's cousin Harry Derbridge was as the wedding too, looking dapper in a black suit. 

We guess we'll just wait and see to find out exactly whose wedding it was and what was going on!


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