Geri Halliwell Reveals Doubts Over Changing her Surname when she got Married

We're surprised this is the stand point she took

Yesterday we revealed why Ant McPartlin’s wife Lisa Armstrong decided not to change her surname when she got married, and now Geri Halliwell has waded in on the debate, commenting on her decision to change her surname to Horner when she got married in 2015.

The former Spice Girl expressed confusion, saying: “Am I Halliwell or Horner? Maybe I’m just Geri?” before revealing that he decision to take her husband Christian’s name was to be part of a family unit.

“The point of changing my name was to say we’re all together, but looking back on it, I’m still confused,” she says.

“I’ve suddenly found myself in a traditional institution of marriage and, as a modern woman, the question I’m asking myself is how to maintain my individuality and identity within that,” she tells Red Magazine.

As a firm believe in girl power, we see why Geri is struggling with her identity in married life, but one thing’s for sure - we’ll always see her as Ginger Spice.

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