Michelle Keegan Made a Massive Wedding Day Faux Pas

Michelle Keegan wore a white dress to attend a wedding and we wonder how the bride felt!

From the first time we saw her all bundled up in a puffer jacket on the Coronation Street cobbles, we’ve loved Michelle Keegan.

We swooned over her stunning honeymoon pictures and were besides ourselves with joy when Mark Wright uploaded a photo of her reading You and Your Wedding, but this week, Michelle made a move which made us question her, just a little.

Image | Instagram.com/michkeegan
Image | Instagram.com/michkeegan

The actress attended a wedding in Oman, wearing a white dress. (See pic above!)

We all know this is something of a sin when it comes to wedding attire, so we can’t help but wonder what the bride made of her pal rocking a white lacy number.  

Michelle isn’t the first celeb to wear white to a wedding; Holly Willoughby wore white to her BFF Fearne Cotton’s big day too. 

We can only hope Michelle okayed the move with the bride before rocking up looking as glorious as ever in her white dress.


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13/05/2017 at 07:36

I actually read an article to find out where the dress was from. She was quoted as saying it was lemon. http://blog.hellomagazine.com/michellekeegan/2017/03/my-friends-wedding-in-oman/ So in fact not stealing the brides thunder.