Vicky Pattison Reveals the Bizarre Secret Behind her Engagement Party

Vicky Pattison and John Noble had an ulterior motive at their engagement party

Vicky Pattison and John Noble announced their engagement in July and have been giving us sneak peeks into their day ever since and the couple have jus given us the biggest hint of what their big day will be like...

Known for her raucous behaviour and mischievous mates from Geordie Shore, Vicky and John have made it clear that bad behaviour will not be tolerated on their wedding day, and treated their engagement party as a test for their guests. An audition, if you will.

“Our wedding venue can only hold up to 200 people, so we actually used the party as an audition to see who was going to make the final cut!" admits John.

“We invited a load of people to the party to see who wouldn’t turn up and who didn’t behave themselves after a few drinks,” Vicky revealed.

“We’ve now got a list of people who we won’t be inviting to the wedding. It was The X Factor of engagement parties and I was Simon Cowell."

Would you use your engagement party as an audition to see who could be trusted to come along to your wedding?

While we're on the subject of their engagement party, just look at how beautiful Vicky's engagement party dress was - simply stunning!

In this picture she's posing up a storm with Mario Falcone's fiancee Becky, and we can only assume they made the cut for the big day, with Vicky commenting on the photo "it was SO GOOD to see you both! Beautiful, beautiful couple."

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