We've Seen the Fifty Shades of Grey Wedding Dress and it's Incredible

Anastasia Steele's wedding dress is not what we were expecting!

Since E.L James wrote her naughty page turner, we've been keeping up with Fifty Shades of Grey.

Sure, we wouldn't read it in public, but going to see the films with our pals has become a bit of a guilty pleasure, so were SO excited when the new trailer dropped, and we got a sneak peek at Ana's wedding dress.

Ana's gown of choice is an exquisite lace wedding dress, with a stylish off-the-shoulder design and on-trend button up back detailing - a little different to what we're used to seeing Miss Steele in - not a nipple tassle in sight!

Scroll down to watch the trailer and see her amazing wedding dress for yourself. 

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