Cheap AND expensive wedding entertainment ideas

Follow our entertainment guide for on-budget ways to rock your reception

We advise spending at least 7-8% of your total budget on entertainment but it's not always easy to dedicate a lump sum. Here are some budget-friendly ideas, as well as some super-swanky ones, to prove that you can spend exactly what you want to on your own wedding day. Who'd have thought it? 


  • Casino games: For Vegas-style table hire, try
  • A pro photo booth: See or, and try these cute dressing-up ideas.
  • Singing waiters: Check out
  • Silhouette artist: Send your guests home with a keepsake inspired by the Victorian art form. See
  • Magician: We love and
  • Fireworks: A pricey but unforgettable 5-7 minute fairytale ending. 
  • A live polo match: Don’t have a barn full of horses at home? Try these venues: Ham Polo Club, Coworth Park and Cowdrey Estate.


  • Video booth: Shy guests need not apply, so keep the booze flowing!
  • Carousel: The venue Preston Court comes with one, or hire one for your venue from or
  • Double-decker bus creche: These cool options from, and are sure to keep kids entertained.


  • A digital graffiti wall: You must admit, that sounds like a whole lot of fun.
  • Silent disco: We were pretty judgemental about this when greeted with headphones at our recent work party. But soon enough, the dance floor was packed with sashaying guests while the oldies enjoyed a bit of peace and quiet! 
  • Festival line-up: Produce evening entertainment in the form of scheduled song and dance acts. Chuck in a hot dog van and everyone's a winner.
  • Circus slideshows: Check out the aerial performers and fire-eaters from


  • A teddy-bear picnic for kids: Cordon off their own little area and make them feel like the adults of the party.
  • Garden games: Croquet, rounders, giant Jenga - there's plenty to keep everyone entertained.
  • Sparkler send-off: Cheaper than fireworks but still as explosive and great for photos. 
  • DIY photo booth: Craft your own selfie backdrop.
  • Pub quiz: Get the Best Man to play quizmaster and everyone will love it. 
  • Scratch-card lottery tickets: Hand these out as favours for a cheap alternative to that casino theme. 
  • Juggler: Don't dismiss it just because you and your nephew try it at home all the time. A professional juggler reaches whole new heights of entertainment.


  • iPad caricaturist: Personal favours delivered by email - see
  • Line-dance lessons: Guaranteed to get your guests giggling, try or
  • Themed children's treasure hunt: We love the idea of a magical round of 'Find the Fairy'.
  • Duck herding: Trust us, this is amazing:
  • Children's craft table: The parents will LOVE you for this one.
  • Your BFFs as DJs: One set each and everyone will love it.
  • Fairground kiosks: Think candy floss, a DIY coconut say or ice cream cart.


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10/09/2018 at 10:13

We used a company called my guests loved it. The dealers were very entertaining and my wife's friend won the bottle of bubbles.


07/06/2016 at 13:21

I've just used - Fantastic entertainment during photos at our hotel and then the lull between the wedding breakfast and evening dancing !


02/02/2016 at 10:30

Some great ideas in your article. Love the idea of the silent disco, can see that being very entertaining! Although don't tell any of the DJ's on our books that I said that!! One of my favourite things is a Videoke. A lot of videographers are missing a trick by not offering that. At a wedding fair I worked at a while back I saw some samples of what one chap had done and al the guest seemed to be having a great time making a lip sync music video throughout the day. Think he was charging in the area of £500 for it as a sand alone product and a bit less as a package.