REVEALED: The Top 15 Wedding Dance Floor Fillers

These are the songs you need to fill the dance floor at your wedding

There are some songs out there that are guaranteed to get your wedding guests boogying; for my friends and I, it’s Crazy in Love by Beyonce, for my mum and her pals, it’s anything by The Beegees. For my dad… well, you’ll need to work a bit harder.

A dance floor full of your friends and family is a wedding dream come true, but some guests are certain to need cajouling into showing off their shapes. Luckily online local services marketplace surveyed over 1,000 DJs on the best songs to get guests dancing, and compiling a list of the classics that even the most reluctant dancer can’t resist jigging along to.

Scroll down to see what’s on the list, we have to say, we aren’t overly surprised!

Image | Shan Fisher
Image | Shan Fisher

1.Jackson 5 – I Want You Back
2.Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now
3.The killers – Mr. Brightside
4.The Fratellis – Chelsea Dagger
5.Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough
6.Five – Everybody Get Up
7.Junkie XL Elvis Presley – Little less conversation
8.Pharrell Williams – Happy
9.Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk
10.David Bowie – Let's Dance   

With your reception sorted, check out our playlists for your ceremony and wedding breakfast - with these sets of songs you’ll have the perfect wedding music.


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14/04/2018 at 13:37

Now I'm worried. As a working Indie/Rock covers band we play non of the above tunes :( Although, that said we don't struggle filling the dance floor. Each to their own I guess. Now my plug...We are The Reunion. Based in Manchester we are now taking bookings for 2019, although we do have a few slots left for this year. For more information you can find us on Facebook/You tube.. Search The Reunion Manchester, or directly through our website.