12 Best Man sins to avoid

How not to ruin a friendship when you're picked as someone's Best Man

We've told you everything you need to know about being a best man – but how about what NOT to do? You can cash in on all maximum best man brownie points just by steering clear of the 12 things on this list.

And in case you think we're being sexist by suggesting the guys might get up to no good, we've also got bridesmaid sins to avoid, so now everyone can stay in both the bride and groom's good books on their wedding day!

1. Don’t give a blue speech

Because his great-granny doesn’t need to know about what he got up to in Magaluf in 2003 – and his bride won't want a reminder. Instead, check out our customisable best mans' speech template  for the perfect speech!

2. Don’t forget about the bride

Even if she happens to have turned your friend into a lunatic, you need to say in the speech how great she’s been for the guy. And forget to say how beautiful she looks at your peril!

3. Don’t make the ‘oops forgot the rings’ joke

Are you trying to give the groom a heart attack?

4. Don’t forget about a task

For Pete’s sake don’t actually forget the rings, or anything else you’ve been entrusted to bring along. Make a checklist and tick everything off as you leave the house.

5. Don’t go overboard on the stag

Being tied naked to a lamppost and having to find your way home without a wallet isn't most people's idea of hilarious banter. Don’t embarrass him so much that he can’t look his father in law in the eye on his wedding day.

6. Don’t skip the suit fitting

The groom won't thank you for having baggy trousers and too-short sleeves in his wedding pictures.

7. Don’t disappear on him

That phone needs to be fully charged during the run-up to the wedding. A best man who’s gone AWOL is not what any groom needs. 

8. Don’t play devil’s advocate

Just go with his decisions – he needs your support and is looking to you to boost his confidence, not pick holes in his plans.

9. Usher the ushers

Take on the role of lead usher and make sure all the groomsmen know where they need to be when, and what their individual tasks are. The groom will enjoy his wedding day more if you take on a project management role.

10. Don’t ignore logistics

Keep a copy of the ‘order of the day’ in your breast pocket and be the one to guide guests to the right place at the right time. Kind of like a sheep herder, but for weddings.

11. Don’t get too drunk

Don't let your best mate’s wedding be remembered as the time you hooked up with a bridesmaid in the bridal suite, or passed out in the driveway.

12. Don’t abandon ship straight after the wedding

Just because the big day is over doesn’t mean there’s not work to be done. Tidying the venue, returning hire items and managing invoices probably aren’t the things he’s most looking forward to as a newlywed – so give the guy a hand, no matter how bad the hangover is.

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