Do NOT serve your wedding bubbly in a glass like this

You’ve been drinking prosecco wrong your whole life!

There’s no sight we love more at a wedding than a tray full of champagne flutes, brimming with the bubbly stuff. 

However, it turns out that if you want to get the most out of your champagne / prosecco / cava, do NOT serve it in a champagne flute.

Image | Tom Merton
Image | Tom Merton

Why, we hear you ask! Because the mouth of a flute is too small for you to really get a hit of the flavour.

Tulip shaped wine glasses are better for sipping champagne out of, because the depth and curve helps you smell the drink at the same time as tasting it, making the taste more intense. 

We’re all for it, since it allows for more prosecco per glass! But, if you want to make you wedding day drinks go further, maybe stick with the ever-elegant flutes; THIS is how many glasses of champagne you can get from your bottle, if you use flutes.

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18/09/2017 at 12:24

That's absolutely true. Thank you for let us know about it, I know it;s different but maybe we can propose it to our clients for their weddings.