June 25th is the Most Romantic Day of the Year - we Kid you not!

Waiting on a proposal? This summer day might well be your lucky one

There are plenty of romantic days throughout the year; we’re thinking Valentine’s Day, Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, but a recent survey by Interflora revealed that the most romantic day of the year is in fact June 25th!

Image | Peter Muller
Image | Peter Muller

But what makes June 25th so special? It’s all about marriage proposals.

Interflora quizzed 1,500 unmarried couples about their plans to pop the question, and it was June 25th that emerged as the most popular day. 

We puzzled over why this could be, and decided that A) it’s because it’s right in the middle of “holiday” season - who wouldn’t want to be proposed to on a romantic beach walk, overlooking the sea? (That’s how Mario Falcone proposed recently) or B) perhaps, it’s because Glastonbury tends to fall around the date - all the chilled and loving vibes could create a big incentive to propose.  

Whatever the reason is, if you’re planning to propose on June 25th, here are some of the best proposal ideas, and genius ways to announce your engagement, once the ring is on your finger.


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