Our 2017 Wedding Survey Reveals the Latest Wedding News and Trends

We teamed up with our sister brands hitched.co.uk and Perfect Wedding to get the ultimate low-down on the latest wedding trends and news - how do your wedding plans compare with those of other newlyweds-to-be around the UK?

Along with our sister brands, hitched.co.uk and Perfect Wedding, we’ve 
asked over 4,000 readers to tell all about their big day – with some surprising results…

How long does it take to plan a wedding?

The majority of you take 12 months to plan the big day, while five percent of you can’t wait and go from “I will” to “I do” in less than three months - speedy!

Choosing the engagement ring

In a trade-off between surprise and satisfaction, around a third of brides-to-be say that they were involved in the selection of their own engagement rings. At least that means there's less chance of you hating your engagement ring!

Changing your surname 

Seven out of 10 of you are changing your surname. Six percent are keeping your original, and nine percent of you are hyphenating or going for a blended option.

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Image | Matt Parry
Image | Matt Parry

How many wedding guests?

Despite the fact that stats show the more guests you invite the less likely you are to get divorced, the average number of daytime guests is 79, while the average number of evening guests is 104.

What should I organise first for my wedding?

Most engaged couples choose their venue first, followed by budget, followed by guest list. 

Social media style

Two-thirds of newlyweds updated their relationship status the day after their wedding, while a keen 2% changed it at the ceremony. One fifth of people don't plan to update their status at all.

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image | Emma Sekhon
image | Emma Sekhon

How many bridesmaids?

Three is the average number of both bridesmaids and groomsmen. Nice and symmetrical for those formal photos!

The average price of a wedding

£27,161 is the average wedding spend (up nearly £2400 from 2016). Just over half of you are paying for your big day with help from your families, while 32% of couples are going it alone.

Relationship length

The average couple is together for over four years before he (or, for 11% of you, she) decides to pop the question. Six percent of you played the waiting game (over 10 years) while two percent decide to propose after being together for just six months.

The average price of a wedding dress

Three is the average number of boutiques you visit to find ‘The One’, and the average cost is £1,209.

Honeymoon heaven

15% of you are having a minimoon and a honeymoon – any excuse for an extra holiday! Eight out of 10  of you are jetting off on long-haul trips outside Europe, with Asia and North America being your top choices. The blissful beach  break still reigns  supreme as the most popular type of   honeymoon.


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