Alison Yau, senior fashion assistant

Get to know the girls behind your favourite bridal bible...

Wedding credentials: Senior fashion assistant, Alison Yau is a relative newbie to the world of weddings, although she's blubbed her way through a fair few. After getting the job that “a million girls would kill for,” she now spends her time surrounded by dresses of all shapes and sizes, sparkly accessories and numerous pretty things that are just a little bit distracting when she’s meant to be assisting on shoots, compiling pages for the magazine or researching the latest in bridal trends.

Dream venue: "I’ve always loved the look of the Maldives – it just looks picture perfect with those gorgeous blue seas and white sand beaches; a completely serene setting and true getaway from modern life in the big smoke!"

Fantasy groom: “It would have to be Ryan Gosling – not only is he a great actor and incredibly good looking but I love how well dressed he is on the red carpet (loved the green Gucci suit he wore at the Ides of March premiere). You know you could count on him to look dapper and dashing on the big day!”

Fave aisle anecdote: “Being a dedicated follower of fashion (and yes, a little fickle perhaps), I’ve always been worried that I may have trouble cutting down my dress options to just The One. When one of my aunts got married she had three dresses to wear on the day – all dream princess dresses for a little girl who has watched too many Disney movies throughout her life. Ever since then I’ve been hoping that I would only have to whittle my choices down to the top three, although I’m sure even that would be hard!”

Words of wisdom: “Lists, lists, lists! I’m a big fan of making lists of things I need to do, things I have done and things that need following up – especially if they’re on post-it notes. I’ve tried to streamline my system into Excel spreadsheets but I don’t think it's quite the same as crossing something off a list. That feeling is just so satisfying!”

Little loves: Big girly bows, bunches of pink peonies, Viktor + Rolf La Vie en Rose Flowerbomb perfume, Chanel pearl earrings, Peter Pan collars, Leighton Denny Inkjet nail polish (my favourite "something blue"), delicate lace details and Melissa x Lady Dragon heart shoes by Vivienne Westwood.


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