Peta Hunt, editor-at-large

Get to know the girls behind your favourite bridal bible...

Wedding credentials: With more than 10 years on the Y&YW team, Peta Hunt has all the biggest names in bridal fashion on speed dial. By day, she crisscrosses London to attend press days, fashion shows and bridal exhibitions to bring you the latest inspirational goodies, and frequently jets off to exotic locations to shoot some of the fabulous fashion stories in the magazine.

Dream venue: “Cap Rocat in Mallorca ( This former military fortress is now a dream destination – perfect for a wedding, honeymoon or both. It’s just a two-hour flight from the UK, chic yet still friendly, and oh-so private. Breakfast comes delivered to your room in fantastic hampers full of locally made delights – I’ve never had better bread!”

On-screen inspiration: “So un-PC, but Bette Davis and Paul Henreid in Now, Voyager when he lights two cigarettes and she says, ‘Don’t let’s ask for the moon. We have the stars.’ It all ends badly but it’s terribly romantic.”

Fave aisle anecdote: “My cousin got married in a huge church, and when the vicar entered, my daughter (who was three at the time) asked in a voice that carried through the whole building, ‘Is that God?’”

Words of wisdom: “Remember it’s your day. Do not let anyone else railroad you into doing anything you don’t want.”

Little loves: Lily of the Valley, a Polly Edwards sparkle headband, dotty shoes by Gina, La Perla underwear, cakes (any kind), cakes and … yes … cakes!


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