10 steps to help you organise the perfect stag party

Party planners at Freedom have shared their advice on how to cement the perfect stag do

Here are our top tips to guide you through the planning process for your perfect stag do.

1. Consult… your first step has to be talking to the stag, find out what he wants and then completely ignore it… NO only joking, incorporate all his wishes into the plans.

2. Who... to invite? If you’re thinking 'I know, I’ll contact all their friends on Facebook with the relevant details, job done', then it’s time for a rethink. 

Drawing up the invitation list is the time to exercise a bit of care and attention. You’re looking for special friends who will be out to ensure that the stag has the best possible time. There’s nothing worse than a frosty atmosphere. 

You’re looking for the friends that add a little sparkle, know how to have a good time and take everyone along with them. 

TOP TIP: Consultation with the stag is essential. Make sure you also raise the question of family members, do they want their dad and in-laws involved?

3. When...to hold the party? It’s key to get this in everyone’s diary ASAP. Traditionally this has always been the weekend prior to the wedding. Of course, the stag night may need to be a little earlier – give his eyebrow time to grow back!

TOP TIP: Not too close to the big day

4. Where...to go? This may be determined by cost; obviously a long weekend in Budapest is not going to suit everyone’s pocket. First, decide with the stag whether he wants a weekend away, whether in the UK or abroad – of course choosing home soil makes it possible for a friend/family member to participate some and not all of the weekend – or if they’d prefer to stick to their home town (where you know exactly what’s on offer).

TOP TIP: Think about budget

5. How much... remember everyone has a different budget, it would be a travesty if his best man was priced out of the stag do. Provide options so guests can pick and choose which elements they participate in.

6. What... to do? Chilled out or action packed?

The options are now huge. You have determined the location, now find out what is available within budget. 

TOP TIP: Don’t lose sight of what this party is all about... the stag. Remember at all times their personal likes and dislikes

7. Communicate with guests 

Prepare to spend hours emailing! You need to write to all those included, extending an invitation. Outline the proposed itinerary, date, cost and location. Always insist on a RSVP by a set date.

8. Deposits… need collecting to place your bookings.

9. Make the bookings 

Confirm all bookings, i.e. for accommodation, activities, transport, evening entertainment, food and send required deposits.

10. Confirmation with guests 

Write back to all guests confirming arrangements. Outline where they need to be, at what time, what to pack, what to wear, and how much they still owe.

Remember any maps and any special little requirements.

For more help with the organising of your stag, visit freedomltd.com


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21/02/2018 at 08:30

I also would recommend you Poland. Especially that flights to Warsaw are incredibly cheap! This country is also cheap when it comes to everything. I've been twice to Poznan and once in Warsaw and this vacation we're going back to the capital for my stag :-) after reading these great opinions about New Orleans we chose this place. Last time I've been to another club in the center of the city and this wasn't what I was wooking for, but New Orleans seems to be the perfect place for classy stag: elegant and with beautiful dancers :-)


26/01/2018 at 08:47

If you want to have really unforgettable night, I recommend Poland:). It will surprise you. Lots of night clubs to choose, New Orleans is actually one of the best of them (especially if you're looking for a rel-gentlemen place, elegant and classy one).


15/09/2017 at 09:45

Organizing a stag party may be sometimes really difficult, but with a good plac, everything is possible:) I have been recently helping with organizing a stag weekend in Poland for my friend, and it all went great. We went to a men's club, called New Orleans for an actual party, and spent the entire night there. It was one of the best clubs I have been to. Exclusive, classy and the dancers were gorgeous and so sexy :) It was an amazing weekend!


21/07/2015 at 15:42

If you need any help organising a Stag do than head on over to Pink Monkey Stag and Hen where we have Activities and Packages in Portugal and The UK- http://pinkmonkeystagandhen.co.uk/

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