Choosing the perfect wedding stationery

From menus to placecards, the right choice of stationery can complement any wedding style
Perfect Stationery - Gold Pen
Perfect Stationery - Gold Pen

Stationery is an important aspect of every wedding. The invitation is the first impression your guests will receive of your special day and other aspects of stationery, such as the order of service, can be taken home as a keepsake. Follow our tips to choose the style of stationery that's perfect for you. 

What's your style? The first thing to consider when ordering stationery is the impression you want to create. As with flowers, table decorations and other details, your stationery can co-ordinated with the colours and designs you are choosing on your wedding day. If, for example, your wedding style is traditional, consider elegant, traditional stationery designs. Alternatively, if your wedding is informal, you might opt for a fun, individual creation. This idea should also be carried through to the wording itself, with a more formal tone for a traditional occasion.

The stationery list... When you have an idea of the style of stationery you're looking for, it's crucial to think about which items you need. The obvious items include invitations, placecards, thank you cards and order of service, but you could also consider ordering table names, seating plans, menus and even printed cocktail napkins and coasters. If you are on a strict budget, the key is to choose certain items, but not to have everything. You may feel that menu cards aren't necessary and will clutter your table, or that you have no need for a seating plan.

Placing your order... When it comes to deciding on the numbers you need, make sure you order enough. If in doubt, order a few too many - it's significantly less expensive than ordering too few and having to go back for an extra ten or twenty invitations nearer the time. It might sound obvious, but remember that you don't need an invitation for every guest - just every couple or family - however, it is a good idea to allow an order of service for every guest and a few extra for any other people at the ceremony such as the church choir.

Time to post... Give yourself plenty of time to gather addresses and write envelopes, before posting your invitations around eight weeks before the big day. You might want to post them even earlier if you're getting married at a popular time of year such as a bank holiday weekend, or you're inviting guests from overseas.

The Ten Wedding Invite Commandments!

  • Thou shalt write invites in the third person
  • Thou shalt not put the groom's name before the bride's
  • Thou shalt put names, times and places on separate lines
  •  The time and date shalt be written first and the venue last
  • Honour thy guests who are parents. If children are invited to your wedding include their names on the parents' invitation
  • Remember the phrase ‘the honour of your presence' is often used for an invitation to a religious ceremony, and ‘the pleasure of your company' for civil ceremonies
  • Thou shalt use titles eg: ‘Dr', ‘Mrs' when appropriate
  • Thou shalt send invites at least six weeks prior to the wedding, or up to three months beforehand in the busy summer months
  • Thou shalt include a cut-off date for the RSVP and an address to send it to
  • Thou shalt include a note if you cannot accommodate children. Or if you are inviting children, let parents know if you have arranged childcare facilities


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