Weddings in Iceland
Weddings in Iceland

Marry on a Friday...

The traditional day for weddings in Iceland is Friday. In pagan times, this day was considered sacred to Frigga – the goddess of marriage.

Week-long celebrations…

Icelandic wedding celebrations usually last a week. Years ago it was traditional for the groom, on the morning after the wedding, to give the whole of the bride’s family a “morning gift.” Nowadays, the bride usually gets some expensive jewellery, and presents a luxury gift to the groom – often a watch.

The traditional cake...

The Kransakaka is the traditional Icelandic wedding cake – a pyramid-shaped creation of almond pastry ‘wedding rings’, each filled with chocolate or sweets. Wow your guests and order it at

What to drink...

Mead – ale brewed with honey - is the Icelandic wedding drink. In Viking times, it was a legal requirement for newlyweds to drink ale in the weeks after their marriage, hence the term ‘honey’- moon. Visit

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