Weddings abroad or destination weddings - changes to the legalisation process
Weddings abroad or destination weddings - changes to the legalisation process

If you’re tying the knot under the setting sun on some far-flung tropical isle, you probably know there’s paperwork to be done before you wing your way to paradise – but the way you get those all-important pages signed, sealed and delivered has just changed at the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) Legalisation Office, Milton Keynes.

Even if you live round the corner from the building, from now on dropping by in person clutching your info. isn’t an option. To help make the turnaround speedier on average – which will help the two thirds of people who can’t turn up themselves – the FCO Legalisation Office is now only taking your destination-wedding documents by post. Apart from the delivery times, the changes should mean you get your applications processed in just 24 hours. Altogether now: ‘What a difference a day makes…’

For brides who’ve been busy finding the dress, cake and decs far more interesting than the docs (ahem, isn’t that all of us?), and consequently don’t know the ins and outs of what needs sending off yet, the Foreign Office recommends you check out what documents your wedding location needs via their local authority. There are loads more important tips on sorting out the legal stuff on their website, too. Have a look now so you’re well prepared – we wouldn’t want you to miss the boat!

For full details of these changes, see the Foreign Office website.

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