Just in time for Halloween, these most haunted wedding venues are perfect if you're looking for a big day destination with a difference. Take your guests on a spooky ghost walk for a slice of alternative entertainment, or scare yourself silly in some of the most bewitching bedrooms in the country. Who knows, you might even spy a spirit on your big day. One thing's for sure – something is bound to go bump in the night at these most haunted wedding venues...

1. Elvey Farm, Pluckley

Elvey Farm
Located in Pluckey – aka the most haunted village in England – Elvey Farm is in pole position for a supernatural experience. Reportedly home to 12-16 ghosts, Pluckley's woodland spooky residents include a screaming man and a hanged schoolmaster found by his pupils, while the farm itself plays host to a mysterious military man who stands on the stairs of the 16th century barn...

2. Tutbury Castle

Tutbury Castle
A ruined castle in the depths of Staffordshire, Tutbury has plenty of paranormal personnel. Mary Queen of Scots was held captive at Tutbury Castle four times, and has been spotted recently standing at the window of the Great Hall dressed in black from head-to-toe.

3. Walworth Castle

Walworth Castle
This Grade I listed medieval style castle in County Durham, Walworth Castle, has reported a number of haunting experiences over the years. The ghost of a young woman has been spotted appearing out of a wall in to the corridor from the Honeymoon Suite, while guests have reported sudden drops of weight on their beds in the middle of the night...

4. Athelhampton House

Athelhampton House
One of the most haunted buildings in the country, Athelhampton House's Great Chamber is home to a pair of dualling ghosts. The manor's wine cellar is particularly creepy, but perhaps the most famous ghost of all is that of the pet ape (yes, really) who was buried alive in a secret passageway, and still scratches in the night.

5. Guoman Tower Hotel

Guoman Tower Hotel
While the Guoman Tower Hotel isn't technically a haunted wedding venue itself, it's located opposite one of the most ghost-laden sites in the UK: the Tower of London. The Queen's House at the Tower, supposedly the most haunted building, is reportedly stalked by the ghost of King James I's cousin Arabella, who was imprisoned and murdered at the Tower.

6. Lumley Castle

Lumley Castle
Built in the 14th century, Lumley Castle is located just outside the historic city of Durham, and is renowned as one of the most haunted wedding venues in the North East. Ask your wedding co-ordinator to tell you the story of 'Lily of Lumley', and find out why her ghost floats out of the well and into the castle.

7. Amberley Castle

Amberley Castle
Built 900 years ago, Amberley Castle in West Sussex is home to the ghost of a young girl named Emily. The story goes that Emily fell in love with a Bishop at the castle, but quickly became pregnant and faced his rejection. She threw herself from the battlements – her ghost is said to stalk the castle to this day.

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8. Berkeley Castle

Berkeley Castle
Famous as the place of King Edward II's murder, it is said that the screams of his gruesome death by hot poker can still be heard at Berkeley Castle. And, with a visit years later from none other than Queen Elizabeth I, it's safe to say this venue definitely has the royal seal of approval.

9. Jedburgh Castle Jail

Jedburgh Castle Jail
Do haunted wedding venues get spookier than a one-time prison? Jedburgh Castle Jail made a recent appearance on Sky's Most Haunted, and is the only 19th century jail of its type in Scotland. Its eerie halls and dark corridors certainly make for a ceremony setting with a difference...

10. Ludlow Castle

Ludlow Castle
Said to be home to the ghost of Marion La Bruyere, the walls of Ludlow Castle in Shropshire can certainly tell some stories. One fateful night, Marion lowered a rope out of the tower to allow a knight she thought was her lover to enter the castle. But he betrayed her, allowing 100 soldiers to enter and overthrow the keep to its enemies. Marion slit the knight's throat, but threw herself out of the window in guilt. If that's not a story to entertain your guests, we don't know what is!

11. Eyam Hall

Eyam Hall
If you think you've heard of Eyam before, you'd be right: this tiny Derbyshire wedding venue is right in the heart of the 'plague village'. A place synonymous with sacrifice and death, the people of Eyam gave up their lives to prevent the spread of the plague to the rest of the country. Host your wedding at Eyam Hall, and you'll be right at the centre of this incredible but gruesome story.

12. Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle
With its own aptly named Ghost Tower, Warwick Castle has one of the most extensive paranormal portfolios in England. The ghost of a slavering black dog allegedly stalks the estate at night, while the Haunted Hallows Trail opens up for spooky strolls at Halloween.

13. Ackergill Tower

Ackergill Castle
Head out to the Scottish Highlands, and you'll find Ackergill Tower. A castle wedding venue with a dark, murderous history, Ackergill is rumoured to be the home of Helen Dunn's ghost. Centuries ago, Helen was kidnapped for her beauty and held in the castle, but either fell or jumped from the tower while trying to escape...

14. Crumlin Road Gaol

Crumlin Road Gaol
And, if you're looking for a really quirky wedding venue, you need to take a look at Crumlin Road Gaol. This Belfast venue was a working prison until 1996, and has over 30 wedding spaces to choose from. A number of executions took place at the prison over the years, and guards have reported more than a few bumps in the night...

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Annabel3 I love the idea of a wedding in a haunted castle. Imagine what fun you could have with the theme and entertainment!

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elaine dove I'm actually getting married in the haunted Borley church near long melford next year it is one of the most haunted churches in the country our photographer is already getting a little worried !!

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