How Much you Spend on your Wedding Dress Depends on your Age

Younger brides are spending most on their wedding dress, while those over 55 splash out on catering... which camp are you in?

When you were working out how to start your wedding budget, what did you allocate the most money to? The dream venue, a gorgeous gown or a delicious wedding breakfast? Well, a recent survey conducted by The Big Domain revealed that what you spend the most on depends on your age group.

Image | Sarah Crawler
Image | Sarah Crawler

For example, 18 to 24 year olds said they’d spend most of their budget on their wedding dress, shelling out 45% of their budget on the dress of their dreams. In contrast, brides over the age of 55 spend the most on catering, whereas 35 to 54 year olds drop the most money on their venue - it’s so interesting to see where different priorities lie!

The survey also revealed that youngsters are more likely to stick to traditions than older brides; the age old belief that you shouldn’t see your partner before the ceremony is something 18-24 year olds consider important, with 60% opting not to see their partner before their wedding, while only 43% of over 55s plan to spend their wedding morning apart.

18 to 24 year old brides are obviously more secretive too, with over 50% saying they wouldn’t want their fiance seeing their dress before the big day, compared to only 34% of older brides.

Being carried over the threshold is important to younger brides too; over a quarter want to be swept off their feet when they return home from their honeymoon, whereas only 16% of over 55 want to stick to this tradition, preferring to keep their feet firmly on the ground.

Who knew that youngsters were such a traditional bunch?!


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