This Guest was Shamed for Re-wearing her Wedding Outfit

Recycling wedding ensembles is commonplace, but one bride took offence and wasn't afraid to say so

With summer just around the corner, wedding season is looming; if you’re anything like us, every other weekend in July and August will be spent either at a wedding, sipping champagne at a hen party or attending an engagement party.

While there’s nothing we love like celebrating the wedding of friends, one thing that can get tiring is buying a new outfit for every occasion, and we’ve definitely been known to recycle the odd ensemble, and thankfully nobody has even pulled us up on.

Sadly, this wasn’t the case for one mum, who wore the same outfit to four weddings and was unfairly called out on it.

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Guests all happily dressed in whatever they like!
Guests all happily dressed in whatever they like!

"I wore the same outfit to three of the four weddings. Two of these same-outfit weddings were the same crowd of people - my family,” the mum wrote on Mumsnet, under the username GameOldBirdz.

Her cousin didn’t feel the same way about outfit recycling as we do, and called her out on it.

"She emailed me and said 'It's a shame you couldn't be bothered to wear something different.'"

The mum took it in her stride (clearly a better woman than us!) and fired a reply, apologising for recycling the outfit and thought that would be that.

Her cousin thought not.

“She sent a massive paragraph saying I was disrespectful, that it was very bad show, it was rude and that if I didn't want to go I should have declined the invitation rather than turn up inappropriately dressed (her words)."

How unreasonable?!

The mum sought comfort in her own mother, who agreed with the cousin, saying it was inappropriate!

What do you think? If a guest recycled their outfit to your wedding would you be hurt, or think it’s normal?

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10/04/2017 at 16:12

I don't give a crap what people wear to my wedding, as long as they're smart!

Melanie Macleod

10/04/2017 at 10:07

Sugarmouse, the was originally posted on Mumsnet.


09/04/2017 at 12:44

Where did this come from?


07/04/2017 at 21:38

I'm not even clear here on just who this cousin was! Was the cousin who was rudely quoting etiquette "rules" to the other, the Bride in that affair, or was she "just a cousin" who happened to show up at the same wedding as the "dress recycler" DID? It never says she's also a Bride, nor does it clarify whether she's just another guest. Besides, "dress recycler" said she wore the same outfit to three of the four she attended in total, and only two of THEM were with the same crowd. So, where does "Ms. Unmannerly" get off quoting Chapter and Verse as to whom gets to wear what to whose wedding? Why is that HER business? It would never occur to me to dictate who gets to wear what to whose wedding even once, let alone twice to two different weddings! I'd be happy that people who loved me showed UP, as long as all the right things were appropriately covered up!


07/04/2017 at 19:06

That's totally normal! The only time I would say a guest was dressed inappropriately would be if they showed up in jeans and a t-shirt to a black tie affair! There's nothing wrong with recycling an outfit... clothes cost a lot of money and who knows if that woman could only afford one really nice outfit. That's her call. The bride needs to get over herself!

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