Real honeymoon: Days 16-17

How to get upgraded on your honeymoon

Maximise your chances of getting a honeymoon upgrade with our handy tips

Your honeymoon will undoubtedly be the trip of a lifetime whether you get upgraded to the honeymoon suite or not, but there’s no denying than an aeroplane upgrade or being bumped up to the honeymoon suite would make the holiday extra special.


Follow our tips and you’ll be that extra bit more likely to be upgraded on your honeymoon.

Tips for getting upgraded

Tell everyone! No tour operator or airline is going to upgrade you unless they know it’s your honeymoon. So shout it from the rooftops. No doubt you’ll be wearing an inane grin at the airport anyway, but be sure to invest in a ‘Just Married’ passport cover just in case and tell everyone on the phone when you’re making your bookings. If nothing else, you’re significantly more likely to get a bottle of bubbly in your bedroom when you arrive. And… if you don’t ask you don’t get.

Don’t check in too early

You might think you’re more likely to be upgraded if you get there as the check-in desk opens, but in reality you’ve probably got a better chance if you wait until the gate agent knows whether there are spaces in first class. If seats haven’t been sold or economy has been over-booked, he or she might decide to give them away instead of leaving them empty… and you’ll be there to take them.

Be a desirable passenger

If you’ve bought a full-price ticket direct from the airline and you’re a member of their frequent flier programme, staff are more likely to look upon you favourably. So it’s time to get on to those loyalty programmes and investigate how you can build up your points.

Dress for the part.

It sounds obvious, but it helps to be smartly dressed, polite and friendly. Staff make decisions on who to upgrade and if they’re basing part of that decision on character, you’re in with a chance.


Avoid busy times.

This goes for airlines and hotels. If the ‘posh seats’ and plush bedrooms are already booked, there are no upgrades to be had. Fly outside regular business hours and visit hotels out of their busy seasons.