How to make your honeymoon budget go further

Brilliant budgeting ideas to make your honeymoon fund stretch that little bit further

Coming up with ways to save money on your wedding is easy (forget favours and book it on a week day), but working out how to spend less of your budget on your honeymoon is a different task altogether.


Don’t worry though, as we’ve come up with a few simple ways that will make your honeymoon budget go further, and see you and your partner on the trip of a lifetime. Scroll down to see more.

A gorgeous sun-soaked swimming pool at Longueville Manor in Jersey

1. Don’t overlook close-to-home options. You could save hundreds by choosing short-haul flights over long-haul, and european minimoons are an amazing way to spend your first few weeks of married life.

2. Look at all-inclusive hotels. There are lots of gorgeous luxury options, such as Sandals and Constance Hotels and Resorts. While they may seem costly at first look, you won’t need to spend a penny on food or drink once you’re there because it’ll all be covered.

Sandals delivers pure paradise without the big bill at then end of the honeymoon

3. Think about going for fewer nights at an upmarket property rather than a longer ‘moon at a cheaper option. It’s a once in a lifetime trip, so why not splash out on accommodation that boasts one of the world’s greatest hotel pools, only if it’s just for a few nights.

4. Let your hotel, tour operator or travel agent know that you’re honeymooners so you can benefit from any free upgrades, honeymoon packages and the odd bottle of free bubbly. You’d be surprised how happy they’ll be to let you in on a bit of luxury.

Image: John Nassari

5. If you’re brave and aren’t wed to the idea of a particular destination, hold out for last-minute deals. Companies such as Turquoise Holidays and Virgin Holidays have great discounts most months on late bookings. Or sign up for newsletters from your favourite hotels, which often feature good discounts.

6. Keep an eye on exchange rates and be wary of countries that are known to be expensive, such as Iceland and Norway, if you don’t have a lot of spending money.

Iceland is a beautiful short haul option, but can be seriously expensive once you get there… Image: Getty Images

7. Travel at less popular times when fares are lower, such as mid-week, out-of-school holidays and at times no-one else likes to fly, like Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.

8. Visit countries in shoulder season (between peak and off peak), when room rates are lower and the weather is usually still fine.

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Shoulder season can still be amazing weather-wise. Image: Getty Images

9. Book a staycation – more and more honeymooners  are reaping the benefits of staying in beautiful Blighty. You can just jump in the car or on a train, plus there’s no changing money, passport control or language barriers.

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10. Upgrade your travel experience. Even if you can’t afford to fly business class, you can still access the airport lounge before you take off. It’s money well spent to feel relaxed from the off.


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