What to give up for Lent this year to help your honeymoon fund

Save big for your honeymoon by ditching these things

After saving hard for your wedding day, now comes the honeymoon bill – but give up one of these things for Lent and you could save big for your epic holiday!


Your morning coffee
Popping in to your local coffee house for a cheeky turmeric latte might have become your daily ritual, but it’s time to stop forking out on caffeine. Instead, go for an instant coffee al desko to save some serious funds.

Your vending machine habit
The clock strikes 3pm and your chocolate senses are tingling. When your sugar levels are low and you’re met with a barrage of emails that you’d rather avoid, you often resort to the staff room vending machine. Instead of spending money on snacks every day at the overpriced vending machine, start stockpiling supermarket snacks in your desk drawer.


Expensive pampering
We’re not suggesting ditching your monthly manicure (as quite frankly your nails need to look good for all of your engagement ring selfies), but if you get your hair dyed a lot or have a regular massage, you could consider putting off this kind of pampering to focus on that all-important honeymoon fund.

Is this beach in your budget?

The gym
Okay, so this is a little controversial. At the start of Jan we’re telling you to hit the gym and now we’re saying it’s a good idea to ditch it. Of course, if you are a regular gym-goer then keep at it (and a big well done from us), however if you’re running trainers are collecting dust under the bed and you can’t remember the last time you saw the spin studio, then it’s time to cancel that membership and use your money more wisely.

Eating out at lunch
A cheeky sandwich here and a cafeteria meal there and before you know it, you’ve spent a small fortune on lunchtimes alone. The key to saving money here is in your preparation – dedicate Sundays to meal prep and not only will you feel totally smug when you whip out a healthy lunch in-front of your work bestie, you’ll also be saving a whole load of money.


Sit down and add up how much money you’re actually spending money on cigarettes and then calculate what you could actually spend this money on – maybe a room upgrade at your hotel or a once-in-a-lifetime activity. Once you have an incentive to quit it will be much, much easier.

Save for an epic sunshine break

We never thought we’d see the day that we advise ditching the cocktails (sob!), but there are more economical drinks out there – share a bottle of wine with your girls while having a bridesmaid catch up and you’ll save a bomb in the long run.

After a few bevvies on the weekend, you’re craving a takeaway (we know, we’ve been there). Resist the urge to splash the cash by stocking up your cupboards in the week to satisfy your binge. Not only will your pocket be pleased, your waistline will thank you too!

Impulse shopping
One way to save big is to only go on dedicated shopping trips when you truly need something. Walking past the Zara window at lunchtime is a bad idea because you know you’ll be lured in by something beautiful that you don’t really need. Just think, hold off on those small, unnecessary purchases and by the end of the year you could have enough money for a new honeymoon wardrobe!


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