Honeymoon beauty: Your ultimate guide

Feel your radiant best on your honeymoon with our before, during and after guide to holiday beauty

Chances are, your honeymoon will be the most luxurious holiday you’re ever likely to take; with all the stress of wedding planning out the way (no more table planning for you, thank you!), it’s your chance to kick back and relax.


However, as it’s your first holiday with your brand new husband, you might feel like you want to be looking your best (even though he already knows you’re perfect as you are!)

We’ve rounded up the top tips you ned to make sure you’re looking and feeling fabulous, no matter if your honeymoon is a european minimoon or a no expenses spared trip to the Maldives.



Honeymoon Hair Removal

For smooth, silky legs worthy of a Venus advert, the optimum time to hit the salon for your waxing appointment is four days before your honeymoon.

While it might seem sensible to wait until the day before you jet off so you stay hair-free for longer, this isn’t a wise move, as sun exposure can irritate freshly waxed skin.

“Your pores can remain open for up to 48 hours after a wax and the skin can feel more sensitive, too,” says waxing brand Strip’s co-founder Maria-Louise Featherstone. “Waxing helps remove dead skin cell build-up on the first layer, which leaves the skin underneath more exposed.”

But if you do end up with only a short time between waxing and your departure? “Wear loose clothing that helps keep the skin cool, and avoid sunbathing, saunas and steam rooms,” advises Maria-Louise. “Since the pores are open for a period of time, cool showers are a good idea to limit
the chances of bacteria clogging the pores and causing ingrown hairs.”

Frizz Free Honeymoon Hairstyles

To avoid Monica Geller-style frizz, treat yourself to a smoothing hair treatment ahead of your trip.

Our favourite? The Cezanne Treatment (£350). Available at selected salons, it leaves hair stronger, healthier and more manageable, and best of all, it’s chemical free and the results last up to five months.

“I would recommend having the Cezanne Treatment 10 days before you head off on your honeymoon,” says A-list hair stylist Stephanie Pollard. “This will ensure that your hair is in peak condition.”

Eyelash Treatments for your Honeymoon

While lash extensions are amazing for your wedding day, they can be a bit fiddly on honeymoon, especially if you’re in and out of the sea or using oil-based cleansing products.

For an alternative way to maximise your natural lashes without using mascara, try a treatment such as Nouveau Lashes’ LVL Enhance.

“This lifts the natural lashes from the root, creating extra length and volume without the use of extensions, adhesive or mascara,” says Bridgette Softley, co-director and head trainer at Nouveau Lashes.

Book your treatment for a few days before your flight for lashes that look their best – your new look should last for up to six weeks.



Honeymoon Hair Style

Give your locks a break from heat styling and let it dry naturally in the tropical breeze. And if you can’t handle the weight of your hair in high temperatures, style it into on-trend boxer braids.

Step 1: Using a pin-tail comb, create a deep centre parting from the hairline down to the nape of your neck. Divide hair into two parts, tying up one side to keep them separated.

Step 2: Take a section of hair close to the hairline and further divide the section into three parts. Start French braiding tightly and close to the scalp, adding hair from the left and right as you go along, working down the scalp. When you get to the bottom section and there is no more hair to gather, switch to a classic plait. Tie the ends with a clear elastic band.

Step 3: Repeat this process with the other side of your hair.

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Making your Honeymoon Tan Last

“After-sun care is essential as it helps to prevent today’s sun exposure from becoming tomorrow’s visible damage,” says Claire Balas, cosmetic trainer at Institut Esthederm.

For the first week you’re back, go easy on hot water as it can be dehydrating. Shower rather than bathe, and use shower cream instead of gels. And continue to exfoliate (unless you’re burnt), but gently. Dead skin cells can make the skin have less of a glow, so it’s important to buff them away.

Tanning certainly isn’t relevant to everyone, and we always recommend that skin safety is your priority in the sun. If, however, you’re a committed sunbather, you may be worried about your tan fading as soon as you board the plane home. The key to long-lasting colour is moisturising. Don’t allow skin to get dry; once the peeling starts it won’t stop.


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