Eight weeks ’til your honeymoon?

Here are 12 must-pack health necessities to keep you safe abroad!

8 weeks to go

You’re counting down the days to honeymoon bliss and all you can think about is drinking carefree-cocktails and soaking up the sun’s rays on a golden sandy beach – you’ve even practised your bikini-ready Venus poses. But, wait! In the midst of all that ‘moon dreaming, it’s easy to forget about your health…


According to new travel awareness campaign, 8 Weeks To Go, one in two British travellers have become ill or injured on holiday – and that’s the last thing you need on your honeymoon. Fear not, there are a few simple things you can pack to keep you fit and healthy (not to mention photo-fabulous) throughout your trip of lurve. Take note…

1) First Aid Kit: As a minimum, this will need to include a range of assorted plasters (damn those holiday heels!) and antiseptic spray for minor cuts and abrasions. Don’t forget to pack a blister pack because sore feet = no fun.

2) Wet wipes: Great for washing your hands when facilities are poor or non-existent; bag some with antibacterial agents as these are great for cleaning cuts and wounds. Not only a handy pocket cleaning supply, wipes are also a great way to keep you cool in the sun.

3) Paracetamol: Not just a wonder cure for hangovers (you had one too many cocktails at happy hour, we know!), paracetamol is the must-pack pill to help manage temperatures that accompany many infections.

4) Antihistamines: Watery eyes and bunged up noses are so not romantic. Pack some antihistamine tablets and creams to cater for all of those nasty allergic surprises, they’ll even relieve those pesky insect bites!

5) Anti-fungal cream: Fungal infections are most likely to rear their ugly heads in sweltering heats and humid climates. Don’t suffer in silence – be prepared!

6) Imodium: Enough said…

7) Anti-bacterial hand wash: Pack yourself a handbag-size bottle to keep your hands clean when trekking in remote locations.

8) Sun cream: An obvious must-pack. SPF 15 or over must be applied frequently, plus a soothing cream for those a-little-too-pink areas.

9) Sterile Medical Kit: For the more exotic ‘mooners, a sterile medical kit including syringes and needles (for when you venture away from a nearby hospital) are useful in countries where diseases are prevalent.

10) Water purification tablets: If you’re travelling off the beaten track, boil water or use water purification tablets.

11) Prescriptions: If you take any medicines regularly, make sure you have enough for your trip – and pack them in your hand luggage. Beware that some medications may not be permitted in the country you’re travelling to. Check with your GP before you travel and be sure to visit the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website.

12) Mosquito net: Keep those nasty bugs at bay and pack a mosquito net. Take a DEET containing insect repellent too, as well as any anti-malarial tablets to protect against malaria.

Travel health kit aside, make sure you check in with your GP eight weeks before you travel to get up-to-the-minute advice about vaccinations.

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By Stephanie Stafford