Find the perfect resort for you

...with our Tahiti honeymoon quiz

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With so many islands and resorts around Tahiti, how’s a girl to choose? Well, our fun quiz should give you plenty of ideas for one that’ll suit your personalities!  Once you’ve decided whether you’re mostly As, Bs, Cs or Ds, follow the links at the bottom of the page to find the perfect Tahitian honeymoon for you!


Q 1. What style of wedding are you planning?

a)    The ultimate in decadence
b)    A small, intimate and individual day
c)    Something that’s totally feminine
d)    A break from the norm

Q 2. What’s your favourite way to spend your spare time?

a)    Spending money and hanging out in the chicest places in town
b)    Pursuing your hobbies
c)    Pampering yourself with a treatment or two…or three
d)    Anything that takes you out of your comfort zone

Q 3. If you could choose one word to describe yourself what would it be?

a)    Sophisticated
b)    Bohemian
c)    Fun
d)    Energetic

Q. 4. What’s the prime focus of your holidays?  

a)    Let yourself go
b)    Broaden your horizons
c)    Recharge your batteries
d)    Try new things out

So, how did you score?

Mainly As – you’re obviously looking for the holiday of a lifetime so spoil yourself with these luxury ideas or if that sounds like too much hard work, check out our favourite spa resorts.

Mainly Bs – you want a chilled out holiday where you can experience the local culture. Here’s our pick of the best rustic chic resorts and those we recommend for culture lovers.

Mainly Cs – after the excitement of the big day, now you really want to sit back and relax. If you prefer to be on dry land, pick a resort that has a fabulous spa, if not, how about cruising in style through the turquoise lagoon.

Mainly Ds – you prefer to be active than relaxing by the pool, so choose a resort with once-in-a-lifetime adventures, or pack as much as possible into your honeymoon with an island hopping experience.


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