Honeymoon review: Hideaway Beach Resort, Dhonakulhi Island

Digital Editor Rachel David indulges in the azure waters and blissful luxury of the Maldives

I hear a lot of people worrying that the Maldives as a honeymoon destination would leave you twiddling thumbs with nothing to do except lie on a beach.


Firstly, just a quick question… what the heck is wrong with lying on a beach after planning the most stressful ( beautiful, yes, but stressful, don’t deny it) day of your life?! Yes, there are plenty of rival and adventurous honeymoon experiences if you fancy climbing a mountain or bungee jumping on a 3-for-2 deal in the outback.


But there’s nothing wrong with a bit of tradition and I’m willing to strongly preach that everyone should visit the Maldives at least once in their lifetime. It’s so good that I’m actually making a return trip next year and there is a strong possibility that you will become addicted, but once is enough too…

Secondly, the idea that there’s nothing to do in the Maldives is the complete opposite of what actually exists at Hideaway Beach – which, by the way, you might recognise from the last few episodes of Made in Chelsea. 


On arrival at Male, you’ll feel a rush of excitement as you catch a glimpse of the azure waters and head on board your sea plane. The Maldives are spread across the Indian Ocean so a sea plane is necessary to get you to each island and this will usually be included in your booking. 

Touching down at Hideaway Beach Resort was a moment I’ll remember forever as my fiancé and I took a glimpse at each other, almost laughing at how beautiful it was. The staff here are so friendly and attentive that you’ll instantly feel at home. It’s the small touches like being greeted with a cool flannel and refreshing drink, or the special honeymoon notes left out for you in your suite that really make a difference to your experience. At every corner you’ll feel like the most elite and pampered guest of the island. 

We stayed in a water villa and it’s still the best accommodation I’ve ever set foot in. The architecture of the suite will leave you speechless with its clever positioning of the shower that looks out into the ocean while still protecting your modesty (obviously), the luxury bathtub positioned in the middle of the room and the expansive bed, that offers the perfect view of the ocean as you wake up every morning. But, outside on your private terrace is where it really takes your breath away. 


Here, you’ll find your own private infinity pool and steps that lead you straight into the ocean. You can hire snorkelling kit from the resort’s diving centre to explore the coral from the comfort of your own villa. The seating area and loungers on the terrace mean you can stay cooped up (although, hardly “cooped up”) in your own villa for the duration of your holiday. If you did feel like being more sociable, however, there is a community infinity pool with a neighbouring bar and staff to provide you with everything you could wish for. 

To get around the island, every villa is provided with bikes for their own use, or a private butler who will organise buggy transportation at your beck and call. The buggy service will transport you to and from the main restaurants for breakfast and dinner, or to the gift shops to pick up some souvenirs, at any time. 

Now, let’s talk about that breakfast and dinner… Breakfast is like no buffet you’ve ever seen before. If you’re not sure whether you fancy croissants, waffles, curry and roti, fruit or a cooked breakfast, simply have them all. There are separate chef stations for all cuisines, and the lovely staff will cook anything for you, however you like it. We became obsessed with traditional Madlivian Mas huni, a delicious paratha-style roti with a filling of tuna and coconut. It doesn’t sound like a breakfast dish but try it, and there’ll be no turning back.


There are numerous dining options to choose from at Hideaway Beach Resort, and my favourite was the traditional Matheefaru restaurant. Dine here for your evening meal and you’ll see the ocean come to life with stingrays and tropical fish sidling past your feet. The fresh fish curries from the menu are exquisite and once again, the staff super-friendly. 

The island itself stretches across 1km of land. While it’s not huge and often filled with giddy guests, every inch of the resort is built to assist your privacy. You can go for days without seeing another soul if you wish, and you’ll never catch a stranger anywhere near your villa unless you want them. 

The beaches of the resort are out of this world and definitely worth an escape from your villa. Dipping your toes in the ocean will feel like getting into a warm bath, and even the sightings of a passing shark won’t deter you. 

In summary, a stay at Hideway Beach has the potential to change your life forever. You’ll become incredibly happy, relaxed and adventurous beings… until you jump on that return flight, of course. 


For more information and to book your holiday, visit hideawaybeachmaldives.com