OMG – Take a Look Behind the Scenes of Cinderella’s Castle

Oh My Disney went behind the scenes in Cinderella's Castle in Walt Disney World and we were too excited to see what they discovered...

As far as the world’s most romantic honeymoon suites go, we have to say a stay in Cinderella’s Castle at Walt Disney World sounds pretty unbeatable.


This elusive location is usually only available to competition winners, making it even more desirable (why is everything we want so hard to get?!), so we were super excited when Oh My Disney shared details of their guided tour.

Castle Concierge Jordan explains every detail of the magical suite, starting with the first thing you see as you exit the luxurious lift – the tiled mosaic of Cinderella’s carriage. All of the gold tiles are 14k gold. Yep, you get to put your feet on gold. No big deal.

Oh My Disney/Facebook

There are two elegant double beds, flanked with seriously fancy canopies and engraved with the letter ‘C’ – for Cinderella and Prince Charming. Admittedly, two beds probably isn’t what you’re looking for on honeymoon but hey, at least you have options!

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In the parlour you’ll get to use the old fashioned telescope to look at the non-princess peasants who are frequently the park below, spying on them through the Cinderella themed stained glass windows. Or actually maybe just another castle – Beast’s from Beauty and the Beast. But you can pretend and it’ll look good on Instagram, right?

Cinderella’s Castle

What if you need the bathroom during your stay? Concierge Jordan promises a ‘truly royal experience’ and he’s right. There’s a hot tub, adorned with different coloured lights, under three intricate mosaics. You’re guaranteed a pretty magical view whether you’re in the hot tub or…ahem, on the throne.

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We’re just off to pack our favourite Disney princess bikini in the hope of a honeymoon experience here…