Mini-moon review: A taste of Switzerland in the summer time

Laura Dean-Osgood experienced the very best of Alpine adventure at Wadldhaus Flims Grand Hotel & Spa, without a snowflake in sight



After a short flight to Zurich, a beautiful train journey along the water’s edge into the mountains was the perfect start to our alpine adventure. This grand hotel is located close to the peaceful town of Flims, surrounded by snow-dusted mountains and sky-high fir trees.

The stunning state-of-the-art spa

What to see

The gorgeously azure Caumasee lake is a short walk down the hillside. Here, you can sunbathe, picnic, hire pedalos and paddleboards, or simply swim in the crisp, fresh water. After a quick dip, we decided to climb the hills to the Il Spir viewing platform. We were rewarded with breathtaking views out over Ruinaulta, often known as Switzerland’s answer to the Grand Canyon. It was worth every single step.

Too blue to be true – Lake Caumasee

What to do

We visited in summer, when the famed ski spot transforms into a sun-soaked paradise of lush hills and the aforementioned too-blue-to-be-true lakes. You can be as active or laid-back as you like, or combine both. We started and ended each day of activities at the hotel’s award-winning spa, where we alternated between three glorious pools and the comfy daybeds. Absolute bliss!

Perfect Alpine dining at Il Tschaler

What to eat

Waldhaus Flims has four restaurants where you can feast on local specialties and global cuisine, paired with delicious wines. Fans of Swiss cheese will adore Il Tschaler, a cosy cellar restaurant dedicated to the good stuff with the holes.

Luxury accommodation at Waldhaus Flims Grand Hotel & Spa



From CHF660 (approx. £490) in winter, and CHF460 (approx. £340) in summer, waldhaus-flims.ch