the exterior of the swan hotel in southwold

UK mini-moon review: The Swan Hotel, Southwold

Cool new interiors, butlers on hand to cater to every whim and Adnams on tap? Y&YW's Hollie Bond checks in to The Swan in Southwold to see if it's as good as it sounds.


the exterior of the swan hotel in southwold

“Do you have to tell your readers about this one?”, my Southwold-loving friend moans as I reveal that I’m reviewing The Swan. “It’s kind of my secret and I don’t want loads of people knowing about it!” Sorry dear friend, but this hotel is too good to keep to myself….

Right in the middle of Southwold (overlooking the main square and a hop, skip and a jump from amazing boutique Collen and Clare), The Swan isn’t exactly a wallflower anyway, but for years it’s been a little, how do we put it, shabby round the edges. Well, shabby isn’t a word you could ever associate with it following a huge and costly renovation (£6m to be exact) that was unveiled at the end of 2017. Now, it’s all amazing stand-out colours, plush velvets and beautiful bathrooms that actually made me come home and redesign my own main bathroom (much to the dismay of my husband!).

swan reception

From the outside though, it’s the same perfectly placed, ship-like beauty and is the place to stay now when visiting the poshest of all Britain’s seaside towns. Expect to see lots of families clad head-to-toe in Joules and Barbour and the odd celeb too – Ian Hislop was enjoying a drink or two in the lounge when we were there.


The hotel hasn’t just had an interior makeover – it has also massively upped its game on the experiential side of things, with a whole host inventive packages you can choose from during your stay, plus three locally born and bred butlers on hand to suggest things to see and do and to assist with everything from booking restaurants to carrying your shopping! Forget boring old bed and breakfast. Here you can choose from lots of different tailored packages – from the Detox, Retox and Repeat break to the Escape Outdoors package, all of which include experiences like paddle-boarding and picnics on the beach to spa treatments and private yoga sessions. And of course, this being an Adnams hotel, you can enjoy the Adnams Experience in the pretty courtyard and designated tasting room. We mixed up a few different packages and ended up with a rather heavenly weekend that included a picnic on the beach, a beauty treatment at nearby Blush + Glow, and a private yoga session.

still room the swan

The vibe here is London Set cool, but not the sort of cool that makes you feel like you don’t fit it, it’s a comfy cool. The sofas are smart, yet squishy and no-one blinks an eye if you spend all afternoon curled up on one. The Still Room Restaurant is smart with warming copper touches, but vibrant too, and there’s no hushed whispering over your wine glasses. It’s loud, fun and relaxed – with staff and other diners happily chatting away to us during dinner. The food here is inventive, although a little bijou for the price at times. Although when there are homemade biscuits lying around every corner being hungry isn’t a problem.

the swan

For more of a pubby atmosphere and informal dishes, there’s also The Tap Room bar at the rear of the hotel. It’s a cosy place to curl up in with a book and a pint of Adnam’s ale or their rather delicious gin, or the perfect place to leave your other half while you hit Southwold’s shops.

Room for romance 

The rooms are the standout feature here – we stayed in this one below and it’s even bigger than it looks, with an entrance hall area, large bathroom and this lounge area with a fireplace, which is pretty impressive for a Georgian building. This suite looks out on the Main Street, but doesn’t feel overlooked, and it’s lovely to watch all the comings and goings of the village below.

the swan room

We took our toddler along to test it out from a familymoon perspective and we were pleasantly surprised. Although the interiors are very grown-up, the staff and vibe of the place is extremely relaxed and kid-friendly. When we arrived our son’s bed had a mini dressing gown, slippers, teddy bear and crab fishing line and bucket, which is a pretty generous and well thought-out gift. There was also plenty of room for him in our room – we could’ve had about eight kids lined up in the lounge area to be honest (god, forbid!). There was also a kid’s menu in The Still Room restaurant with much more inventive and healthy choices than the usual sausage and chips you get offered these days. And, the waiting staff and receptionists all actually liked children (or were great actors) and chatted away to them.

The hotel is also partly dog-friendly. Pooches aren’t allowed in the main hotel, but there are garden rooms that you can book that allow dogs and that you can leave them in when you go to the restaurants. Southwold Beach towards Walberswick is open to dogs year-round too.

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Go there: £200 per night for an Excellent Room with breakfast.For a mini-moon go for one of the Outstanding Rooms from £350 a night,