15 suitcase packing hacks for your honeymoon

How to save space and maximise your baggage allowance, plus prevent your clothes from creasing and jewellery from getting tangled.

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1. Roll your clothes instead of folding them, you’ll be surprised how much space you save.


2. For clothes that crease easily, place them flat inside a dry cleaner bag before folding as the plastic will prevent creases from setting.

3. Put your necklaces in individual freezer bags to stop them from getting tangled with each other. Fitting a straw on the chain will also prevent it from getting tangled.

4. Get a pill organiser for smaller jewellery, and keep rings and earrings in separate compartments.

5. To stop worn shoes from dirtying clothes, place them in shower caps, and to maximise space, place items like deodorant within the shoes.


6. Instead of folding each bra separately, place them all on top of each other before folding the cups into each other.

7. Fill straws with skincare. Cut one end of the straw and fill with your favourite moisturiser, before sealing off with strong tape. It makes for easy application too.

8. Put chargers and cables in a sunglasses case to avoid inevitably having to search for it for ages.

9. Protect powder makeup by putting cotton wall in it to prevent breakage.

10. Wear contact lenses? Old cases are perfect for storing liquid makeup like foundation.


11. Prevent shampoo and conditioner from leaking by unscrewing the lid and wrapping the bottle in cling film, before putting the lid back on.

12. We all know how kerby grips just magically disappear. To stop that from happening, store them in an empty tick tack box.

13. If packing a razor, use a large binder clip to cover the blade and protect your fingers. Or even better, get one of these nifty travel razors.

14. Pack the heaviest things at the bottom, it’ll make it easier to wheel your suitcase around.


15. Fed up of watching the conveyer belt like a hawk to catch a glimpse of your black suitcase in a sea of other black suitcases? Put a neon ribbon around the handle, or a giant sticker on the front – and spend the time you’ve saved having a cocktail on the beach!