How to have a stress-free honeymoon

Guarantee the holiday of a lifetime with our zen tips

You’ve kissed goodbye to guest lists dramas, stopped fretting over menus and you’re finally a happily married couple. Now it’s time to go on the holiday of a lifetime. Follow our top tips to ensure you fully relax while you’re away…


Get the timing right
Jetting off on your holibobs straight from your reception may seem like a dream come true, but actually giving yourself time to recover from all of that partying and to pack with a clear head may be a better option. Plus, it will give you something to look forward to once those post-wedding blues start kicking in!

Get prepped
Passports, tickets, toiletries, insurance – yes, we know it’s boring but ticking each one of these off your to-do list before you depart will mean you’ll have a worry-free honeymoon experience. 


Fun in the sun
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Have a plan of action
Even if your holiday ‘plan’ is to laze on the beach all day everyday, it’s good to discuss your idea of a schedule with your partner to avoid a situation where he’s expecting sightseeing and snorkelling and you’ve got your heart set on lazing in the sun all day.

Go phone free
Okay, we’re not telling you to ditch your mobile for the whole trip (because how else will you be able brag on Instagram?), but it’s a good idea to have some serious tech-free time to concentrate on quality time with your man.

Organise your outfits
The last thing you want to do is arrive in paradise and spend hours panicking about whether your navy blue skirt will actually go with those new gold heels you’ve packed. Literally decide exactly what you will wear each day and pack only that –  it will take the effort and stress out of getting dressed when you’re there.   


Chill time

Don’t be afraid to go solo
Of course you want to spend some real quality time with your new husband, but two weeks of nothing but your new hubby could get a bit much. Head on down to the pool on your own and tell him you’ll meet him later for lunch – that small break will give you chance to miss his company. 

Exercise all areas
Your pre-wedding fitness regime may be long forgotten by the time you’re soaking up the sun on honeymoon, however light exercise releases happy endorphins and will make you feel great. A few lengths before settling at the swim up bar should do it!

Happy honeymooning, folks!


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