How to turn 14 days of annual leave into 24 days off for an epic honeymoon

Get clever with your holiday booking and you could be off for over three weeks

A honeymoon is pretty much defined by the fact that it’s an extended holiday in an epic location. But, if you’ve already had time off for dress shopping, venue viewing and your Marbella hen do, then you may find yourself in a sticky situation when it comes to booking time off.


We’ve done all of the hard work for you to figure out when you should book holiday in 2018 to fall perfectly around the weekends and bank holidays to give you even more time off.

All you need to do is book off the days below that are in bold:

5th–7th May = weekend and bank holiday

8th May

9th May

10th May

11th May

12th–13th May = weekend

14th May

15th May

16th May

17th May

18th May

19th–20th May = weekend

21st May

22nd May

23rd May

24th May

25th May

26th–28th May = weekend and bank holiday

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There you have it – you can pop your out of office on and check out for over three weeks of uninterrupted bliss. Now, where did we put that passport?

Or, if you don’t have 14 spare days, you can always try these other handy combinations…

Book of 24th March to the 8th April to bag 18 days off with only 6 days of holiday.

Book 25th August to 2nd September to only use 4 days annual leave, but take 9 days off

Happy holidaying, folks!


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