Rich & Polly’s idyllic honeymoon in Mauritius

World-class service and pampering at the Taj Exotica resort

Time to chillout




“Rich and I really enjoy relaxing in idyllic surroundings and doing very little but sunbathe, swim and enjoy delicious food – with a bit of pampering thrown in too. We didn’t really want an action packed honeymoon, after organising the wedding we just wanted to go and chill out.”

A luxury Safari


“When we got married I was working for a luxury safari company who organise tailormade Safaris throughout Africa as well as concentrating on ‘exclusive’ beach hideaways (Africa Exclusive), so I knew of the Taj Exotica well and knew that this hotel would offer exactly what we were looking for.”

A honeymoon hideaway


“The problem with Mauritius is that it can be an obvious choice for honeymooners and some of the magic can be taken away if you go to a hotel where you and your husband are amongst a whole gaggle of newlyweds. We lead fairly hectic lives and wanted to have some time to ourselves and just savour the moment of being just married – whilst being truly pampered.

Taj Exotica came up trumps. Our room had its own plunge pool, an outdoor dining area overlooking the beach, both an indoor gorgeous bathroom and an outdoor shower  – everything you could possibly want for romance.”

Swimming with dolphins


“As I mentioned from the moment we arrived Rich and I did very little other than relax on the beach, go to the lovely spa and eat lots of wonderful food – perfect. However in the second week we did muster the energy to enjoy some exciting pursuits. We swam with wild dolphins, which was amazing.

“A number of boats go out and search different areas of the ocean for the dolphins and maintain contact to advise each other if they find the dolphins – we were fortunate that our small boat found them first, I was extremely lucky to swim very close to these beautiful creatures and for some time, though it is hard work keeping up with them – I think the adrenaline keeps you going.”

Big game fishing


“My husband was only in the water for about 30 seconds before he declared that when not arched prettily as they are usually depicted they resembled sharks far too much for his liking and he quickly hopped back on the boat.

“He got his adventure later on in the week though when he went big game fishing with a friend who was staying in a nearby hotel. After some hours of trawling the ocean the boys were delighted to catch a number of skipjack tuna, but then the real excitement came when Rich was bundled into the ‘fighting chair’ and after an hour of hard toil managed to land a 460lb blue marlin! He was so tired that evening he couldn’t even speak.”

Luxury and tranquility


“Our honeymoon was really tranquil and provided us with everything we wanted – including our son George who is now almost 18 months old and, with number two just seven weeks away, writing about all this luxury, peace and romance makes me want to tell all those about to go on their honeymoon to really savour every moment that the two of you have alone together.

“If you are as lucky as we have been it may be the last you get together for a little while and although we wouldn’t change this for the world, those lazy days certainly seem far away days!”


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