The six arguments you will have on honeymoon

The most common fall outs for couples on holiday

You are quite literally in the honeymoon period of your relationship and yet you’ve not long touched down in paradise and you’re already at each other’s throats… Here’s the common arguments you’ll have on honeymoon, and, most importantly, how to solve them.


1. Pastime disagreements

Problem: Day two and he’s already bored of sun worshiping. You’re happy to set up camp all day by the pool with a good book but he’s itching to explore.

Solution: Negotiation and compromise are needed here. Perhaps you can dedicate half of the day to relaxing poolside and the other half to high-octane water sports to keep you both happy?

2. Dinner dilemmas

Problem: Your epic all-inclusive resort has a choice of seven different restaurants. After falling in love with the steakhouse on the first night, your husband wants to return for a guaranteed delicious dinner. But, you’re miffed that he’s not even given the sushi restaurant a second look. Surely variety is the spice of life?

Solution: Convince him that you’re only on honeymoon once and that you should probably embrace as many different cuisines as possible – just promise to cook him a perfect steak when you get back home on your weekly date night.

“I told you, I don’t share my food!”

3. Family friction

Problem: You are STILL annoyed at the way your now mother-in-law interfered with wedding planning and yet he STILL refuses to acknowledge that it was an actual problem.

Solution: Remember that you’re now happily married and that doesn’t matter now – she may have put a dampener on your wedding planning experience, but don’t let her tarnish your honeymoon too.

4. Money matters

Problem: You’ve carefully planned for this honeymoon – including a specific allowance for spending money and now he’s proposing that you blow the budget for a last-minute excursion he’s seen advertised outside the beach house…

Solution: Sit down and talk about your money situation together to decide if you’re in a good enough position to splash the cash or if you really need to keep a check on the finances. This is a once-in-a-life-time break, so if you can, say yes to it all!

5. Morning moans

Problem: He’s happy to have a lie in every morning and stroll down to the breakfast buffet just in the nick of time, but you’d prefer hitting the yoga deck first thing and catching the morning sunrise.

Solution: Don’t be afraid to spend some time alone on honeymoon. Yes, you’re newlyweds and this is the most romantic holiday of your life, but having some quiet alone time could do you good. Sneak out to the gym at the crack of dawn and climb back in bed to order room service. Win, win.

Team work makes the dream work

6. Social media spats

Problem: Your daily routine has become an endless cycle of searching for the best Instagram spots, getting him to act as photographer while you creatively direct the shoot and then spending hours editing and uploading the holiday spam – and it’s safe to say he’s not best pleased.

Solution: Your man just wants to spend some quality time with you – not you and your mobile. Go tech-free as much as possible and dedicate a set amount of time in the evening after dinner to catch up on your Insta scroll and continue your incessant posting (someone’s got to see this idyllic paradise, right?)

You’re now equipped with the know-how to hopefully prevent any holiday bickering – happy honeymooning! 


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