10 reasons NOT to diet for your wedding

Don't stress about fitting into a wedding dress – you look great just as you are!

Perhaps unfortunately, the diet industry has never been more prominent as it is today. Women are cutting calories for every reason, whether it’s to look good on holiday or to fit into your years-old clothes.


At the same time, however, body acceptance has been growing, with many high-profile figures having their say; from plus size supermodel Ashley Graham’s refusal to conform to the fashionable fold, to Kate Winslet’s outspoken opinions on the negatives of air-brushing. So, here are a few reasons to go against the wedding diet trend and actually enjoy the time leading up to the big day!


1. Imagine a hen party without the unlimited bottles of wine and cakes. Doesn’t sound like a proper party, does it? You are the star of this party, so you definitely don’t want to be the one sitting around watching your girls chow down on pastries and champagne, while you sit there envious and hungry. This experience is meant to be enjoyed, not endured.

2. Did you know some brides are so adamant about looking slim on their wedding day that they won’t even have a bite of their own wedding cake? Not at the wedding and certainly not to sample the different flavours pre-wedding. Well, we think that’s taking the healthy eating plan too far. You wouldn’t want someone choosing your wedding dress without your approval prior to wearing it, so why would you trust someone else to choose the perfect cake? You, darling, are like that cake – you can look beautiful on the outside but truly it is the flavour within that counts.

3. We’re sure you’ve noticed that every time you diet your mood sours just a little bit. It’s nearly impossible to have that pre-wedding glow when you haven’t had a chocolate in weeks (and after all, isn’t this supposed to be one of the happiest times of your life?). We can think of no reason to ruin it by not allowing yourself to partake in your groom’s famous chicken parmesan (or any other dish that he may be skilled at making – even if it’s just cereal).

4. There is no reason to diet down a size to look beautiful in a dress. Who’s in charge here, you or the dress? It should be made to fit you, not the other way round.


5. If you need to lose weight for your health, it’s a good idea to do so and keep your body hale and whole. But, if it is just for aesthetic reasons, dieting could be an unhealthy habit to take on. You want to look beautiful on your wedding day, sure, but you also want to be healthy enough to enjoy a long and exciting marriage.

6. Alternatively, if you are anxious about your health, an option that has been proven to be more successful than dieting is instituting an exercise regime. Not only will this get you in shape for the big day, but it is something that can turn into a longterm enjoyable activity with your girls or even your husband-to-be!

7. Most brides diet so that they can feel confident when they walk down that aisle, but here’s the thing – confidence is not a matter of a dress size. It is a matter of your overall view of yourself. If you don’t feel you look lovely in your dress, pick another dress. If you are fearful that someone may think badly of you standing at that altar, don’t invite them to the wedding. You do not have to change yourself to be the perfect bride, you already are the perfect bride.

8. Some say that you can not be loved until you love yourself. Depriving yourself of chocolate covered strawberries at your hen party, wedding cake samples and rehearsal dinner snacks is not something you would do to someone you love, therefore why would you ever do that to yourself?

9. Although your worth is not remotely defined by how much any male loves you, we know that you want to look beautiful to your husband on your wedding day. We can not stress this enough: HE LOVES YOU NO MATTER WHAT SIZE YOU ARE.


10. And here is the main reason why there is no reason at all for you to diet for the big day: Because you are perfect exactly as you are!