10 top tips to look and feel amazing this wedding season

When wedding season comes around, so do the worries about whether you’ll look good in front of friends and family, what on earth you’ll wear, and how you’ll manage to survive all the stresses of gift list-making or present buying! Here’s how to look and feel amazing, this wedding season.

Photo | Eddie Judd

1. Plan your outfit first
Knowing what you’re going to wear is the first major hurdle to feeling great during wedding season. If you’re the bride – the dress is everything. Sorting this out first will give you more time to focus on the all-important little details later on. If you’re a guest, you can jazz up any outfit with the right accessories, so planning ahead means more time to look for the perfect glamorous additions.


2. Healthy snacking
Feeling great isn’t about crash dieting – if you want to make a change that will last, focus on simple changes that work for you. Healthy snacks like nuts, seeds and raw cocoa are great to mix together in a trail mix, while nibbling on raw carrots and celery sticks actually helps to whiten teeth! Eating regularly (every 2-3 hours) will keep your blood sugars (and mood) on the up.


3. Keep stress levels low
Stress can manifest itself in a number of different ways, from those terrifying last-minute pimples, to tiring muscle aches and pains. If you feel like the planning is all getting to be too much, stop and think; what’s on your to-do list that can wait until later? Never be afraid to ask a loved one for a helping hand.

4. Focus on the here and now
Whether you’re the bride or a guest, setting achievable daily goals, like eating an extra portion of vegetables, or going for a 30-minute run, can help you to maintain that powerful feeling of determination. Setting big, unrealistic goals will only pile on the pressure. So ask yourself – what do you need right now to feel good?


5. Stay hydrated
Drinking enough water every day is key to aiding digestion, helping to keep skin clear and giving you energy. Many swear by warm water and lemon first thing in the morning, but starting and ending the day with a tall glass of water is just one way to ensure you’re keeping on top of your H2O.

Photo | Dominique Bader

6. Get enough sleep
If you’re planning your big day, you’ll know how important sleep is! Likewise, being a guest during wedding season can take its toll. Waking up at the same time every day is a great way to help you maintain a regular sleeping pattern and keep your body’s batteries charged.


7. Go easy on the alcohol
Wedding season is a time for celebration, but if you’ve got more than one big event to attend (or your own!) then going crazy with brunch Bloody Marys and champagne breakfasts will eventually take its toll. Skin breakouts and disturbed sleep are just a couple of symptoms that can wear you down after you’ve gone OTT.

8. Start your skin & hair care regimes right away
Last-minute facials and hair masks won’t do the trick if you want to look your very best on the big day. Makeup can go a long way, but nothing beats clear, naturally glowing skin for a picture-perfect look. Many recommend starting a regime 3-4 months before an event, but 1 month to 6 weeks beforehand will give you enough time to give your skin some TLC. Remember – waxing causes swelling and irritation, so should be done at least a week or more before the big day!


9. Keep a manageable exercise schedule
You might be so busy, that making time to exercise is on the bottom of your to-do list! But exercising is really important when managing stress and happiness levels. Doing a quick workout every day, rather than one big workout per week, is much better for your heart and muscles. Aim to do at least 30 minutes (or more) each day, and don’t forget to stretch!

10. On the day – eat plenty!
Especially if you’re drinking – remember to eat! Between catching up with friends and family, to the ceremony and toasts, you might forget to eat enough on the big day. Start with a good breakfast and make sure you don’t skimp on lunch, you’ll feel much better for it at the end of the day!


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