12 detox wedding tips for brides

Let us help with your pre-wedding regime

You may already be fighting fit and a picture of health. The run-up to your wedding day may still leave you feeling the need for a bit of a cleanse, though. And that’s where we can help. Have a read of our top detox tips. 


Go back to basics and start from scratch. When it comes to food, basic is best. Clean eating doesn’t have to be difficult and boring. Remove the ready meals and anything with additives – we’re talking crisps, alcohol and refined sugar. 

Start the day off with a warm water and lemon; this will help to cleanse the system and kick-start you metabolic rate. Try a baby kale smoothie to follow, which – as opposed to regular kale – isn’t overpowering and helps to naturally rid your body of any extra water retention. Putting food together from scratch means you know exactly what you are eating.

Many of us have a sweet tooth – it’s hard to say no to the indulgent sweet treat. Plunging into a sugar-free diet can be hard and lead to mood swings as well as binges. Be conscious of the sugar you eat and allow yourself one sugary treat a week if you need to. 

Every bride wants to look her best and it can be stressful trying to lose those few extra pounds that you decided you didn’t want as a guest to your wedding. Dry Brushing is a free, natural and easy way to reduce water retention. Additives and alcohol can block the lymphatics which cause cellulite and water retention. Massaging in a circular motion every evening can reduce this and rid your body of toxins. Make sure you massage your skin firmly, moving towards the heart.

Endorphins are natural happy sensations. These naturally occurring chemicals in your body can be extremely uplifting and beneficial to your well-being. You can get your endorphin fix from any type of exercise, do what suits you, whether it be a quick 20-minute jog or a mad spinning glass. Feel the burn then let the endorphins spill over you.

The sun is your free source of vitamin D. This, too, will help you to add endorphins into your day. It’s not easy in the typical British weather to get your Vitamin D-fix, so when you do get the chance to expose yourself to a few rays make sure you grab it. Safe sun exposure in small amounts will allow your skin to gain the nutrients it needs.

Vitamins can be a successful way to boost the immune system. Many women do have low iron levels or can have a slight deficiency in a vitamin. It’s worth paying attention to your health and symptoms so you can research what you are lacking. Tiredness and other mild symptoms can often be overcome by having a helping hand from an additional vitamin supplements. Probiotics are a fantastic way to add positive bacteria to your tummy, helping the body to blossom in health.

Mediation can help to calm your nerves and allow you to concentrate. Use whatever works best for you. It may be that your meditation happens in your home- facing the garden, or in the form of a walk in the park alone. Just ten minutes a day can help you to be calm and to be focused.

In order to get that pre wedding glow, we recommend you moisturise. Add this to your daily routine (after the dry brushing) and indulge your skin in hydration. Moisturising can feel like a 3-minute pamper session in your own home, and will leave your skin feeling soft, supple and glowing.  

Water is your best friend. Drinking enough water everyday (8 large glasses) will help keep you energised, fight hunger, keep your skin and organs hydrated and make you feel great! Not drinking enough water can lead to skin and health problems as well as fatigue, so carry a bottle with you wherever you go.

Sleep! Make sure you get your 8 hours of beauty sleep a night. Sleeping allows your mind and body to repair and fill up on fuel for the next day. Don’t rob yourself of sleep, especially when you’re planning a wedding.

Affirmations are becoming more and more common. This practice has moved away from the hippy stereotype and into a daily tool for coping with modern life. Writing out your affirmations and aspirations can help you to focus on the task in hand. Simply reciting these positive words for 5-10 minutes a day can impact your state of mind.


The power of laughter can easily be forgotten within a busy lifestyle but at the end of the day, our health and happiness is key. Step back from your intense planning and become an observer when you can. Being less intense helps to relax life a little for you. When you start to relax you can start to laugh! Laughing helps to relieve stress too, which is exactly what you need when you reach the final stages of your planning. After all, a happy wife makes for a happy life.