5 ways to get hands ring-ready for your wedding

Get ready for that engagement and wedding ring selfie with these beauty tips from Oskia.

Photo | Focus Visuals

Thanks to engagement and wedding rings, hands are often in the spotlight on the big day, so help get your hands soft and smooth with these 5 tips and tricks by Oskia founder Georgie Cleeve.


1. Exfoliate twice weekly
Our hands are an area that are on show as often as our face, but sadly, we don’t tend to treat them equally. Thankfully, most hands will see an immediate benefit from a good exfoliation. Take a small scoop of a micro exfoliating balm (like this one by Oskia, £48) and massage into your dry hands, taking time to massage around the cuticles in particular. Then simply rinse off and pat dry. 

2. Avoid harsh soaps and anti-bacterial gel
Harsh soaps cause dry and rough skin, so be sure to protect hands with gloves if you do any washing up. When it comes to anti-bacterial gel, whilst handy, they’re high in alcohol content to kill germs, which again can contribute to dry hands. If you do use it, follow up with a hand cream.


3. Look for additional skin benefits
Look for hand cream formulas that provide skin benefits in addition to hydration. Oskia’s renaissance hand cream (£22.50) helps to even skin tone and reduce pigmentation over time thanks to the Swiss garden cress liposomes and fruit AHAs. Apply frequently throughout the day and as your last step before bed. 

4. Hand massage
As often as you can, sit down and give your hands a thorough massage with hand cream. The act of massaging cream into the skin boosts skin circulation and brings fresh nutrients to the skin, which in turn leaves hands looking healthier.


5. Push cuticles, don’t cut
Cutting cuticles is a vicious circle. If you cut them away, they’ll only come back thicker than before. They’re there to protect nails from bacteria and infection so push them back, ideally after just getting out of the shower or bath, and massage hand cream in. Patience is key with this one, but it’ll be worth the wait!