7 mistakes you’re making with your winter skincare regime

From using hot water to over-moisturising, here are the top skincare sins to avoid this winter.


Think winter means layering on the thick moisturiser? Or using hot water to keep warm? Think again! You could actually be doing your skin more damage.


Here, Georgie Cleeve, founder of skincare brand OSKIA, reveals the mistakes you’re making with your winter skincare regime, and how to avoid them.

1. Attributing drier skin to the weather. 

People often think that the outside weather is going to make a difference, but the main culprit for drier, more sensitive skin during the winter months is typically down to central heating. Keep skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water and regularly using a hydrating facial mist. 

2. Not using a nourishing enough hand cream. 

Hands can become chapped and neglected in the colder months and your regular hand cream might not be nourishing enough. Add a few drops of facial oil to your regular hand cream to give it an added hydration boost. Try the OSKIA Renaissance Hand Cream (£21). 

3. Over-moisturising, or using creams that are too thick. 

There can be a tendency to over moisturise in the winter months which, if you’re acne-prone, can cause blemishes and blocked pores. Make sure you’re using the right moisturiser for your skin type and be sure to thinly layer your serum, eye cream and moisturiser to add in layers of hydration. If you need a morning boost, try the OSKIA Get Up & Glow (£64.50) for a brighter complexion. 


4. Using water that’s too hot. 

It’s tempting to turn up the heat of your shower when it’s colder, but be careful not to turn it up too high – scalding hot water can dry out skin so that its craving even more moisture.

5. Not using a lip balm. 

When the air is colder we tend to lick our lips more, which whilst it may cause temporary moisture relief, actually ends up drying them out more. Keep a nourishing lip balm on you at all times (try the Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter, not very glamourous, but it works!) and give your lips a scrub with a DIY mixture of honey and sugar to remove any dead skin cells.  

6. Keeping the same skincare routine you had during the summer. 

The products you use during the summer months tend to be lighter in texture, whereas in the colder months it’s likely you’ll need something a bit more nourishing. Try adding a facial oil into your routine to keep moisture levels up. 


7. Eating starchier foods. 


What we eat is undoubtedly reflected on our skin. People tend to move away from fresh fruit and vegetables in winter to more comforting, starchier vegetables and richer meats. Eat in season, but also try to balance what you eat and include lots of fresh fruit and veg in your diet.