Backless Wedding Dress? This is the Pre-Wedding Treatment You Need to Indulge in

Prefer Sal's Back to Front treatment is exactly what you need if you're wearing a backless wedding dress

If you’ve opted for a backless wedding dress, you want to make sure your back is at its best. The Back to Front treatment from Pfeffer Sal is the perfect solution to your back bothers. 


I headed to the salon post-holiday with an achy back that had probably seen a little bit too much sun – luckily for me the Back to Front treatment is designed to detox, rejuvenate, smooth and clear the back, so you can flaunt it fully on your wedding day.

Dress courtesy of Rosa Clara

The treatment starts with a double cleanse to make sure your back is super clean. You lie face down in a cosy room with plenty of blankets to ensure you feel snug and relaxed. I also rated the selection of music – no odd tinkly spa music, but instead mellow, chilled out tracks you can actually recognise.A small thing, but something that made me feel more relaxed. After the cleanse, it’s time for the intimidating sounding ‘extractions’ stage – but this was no worry at all. It ensures no spots are about to bloom on your back – essential for pre-wedding prep. 

You then have a tailored back peel followed by a detoxifying humic acid peat mask – I was warned it might cause some discomfort but other than some minor itching, it was totally fine. Then came the best bit – the myofascial release massage, designed to boost your circulation and relieve muscle tightness. It was absolute bliss and I felt like I was floating – I didn’t want this dreamy treatment to end. 

Even if you’re not wearing a backless wedding dress, I’d completely recommend this treatment so your back is smooth and glowing in time for your honeymoon. It’s the perfect anecdote to pre-wedding stress as well as ensuring your back is beautiful for the big day and beyond.  

Back to Front is £135 and available exclusively at Pfeffer Sal.


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