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Looking down at my chewed nails, I hide my hands with shame when I meet Leighton Denny, the award winning, creative genius cum nail-care mastermind at Covent Garden’s St Martin’s Lane Hotel, London. In the time it takes to have a much-needed miracle manicure, Leighton gives me the lowdown on all things nail beauty. “Everyone is going to be looking at your ring and the bouquet on the day,” says Leighton. “Your hands will be the centre of attention, so they need to look perfect.” Nothing ruins a good photo album like chewed fingertips – note to self – so check out these top tips…


Top tip: For gals’ with shorter nails (ah ‘em) you need to start preparation for the big day a few months before to really build up nail health, strength and growth. Regular manicures are essential if you want a bit of length – once every couple of weeks is ideal. Leighton reassures us though, it’s not all about length: “Short nails can look very chic. The important thing is to keep them a uniform length; this minimizes breakages and keeps them looking well-groomed and elegant.”

Nail it: The perfect wedding nails are not too long, filed to a natural squoval (square-meets-oval) shape and pristine – all the better to set off those beautiful rings!

Top tip: Eat right. “A well balanced diet will give you all the vitamins and nutrients you need for healthy skin, hair and nails,” says Leighton. So eat as many leafy greens as possible.

Nail it: Another key ingredient for photo-fabulous nails? H2O. Drink plenty of water and regularly massage cuticle oil into the nail plate and cuticle for best results.

Top tip: Experiment with colour. “Classic nudes are always going to be a winning look for wedding nails (try my Diamond range for extra sparkle),” says Leighton. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add a splash of colour. “Maroon looks incredibly striking against traditional white, cream and ivory.”

Nail it: For a playful something blue, try Leighton’s Butterfly Wings, which is a shimmering nude with blue shot through.

Top tip: Practice makes perfect. “If you make looking after your nails a part of your daily beauty routine, you’ll soon see a marked difference to their appearance and quality,” says Leighton. Always do your nails last to minimise smudge potential – chipped polish is only cool when you’re keeping it casual (not very blushing bride!).

Nail it: Use hand cream religiously, especially after washing your hands and find a good nail file to prevent splitting and chipping.

Top tip: Fake nails are OK for a bold look, plus they’re ideal if you need perfect nails at short notice. Just be sure to find a good manicurist who is skilled when it comes to applying acrylics. The last thing you need is for a nail to fall off into your champagne glass during the toasts!

Nail it: Nails can look great at any length with the right care and attention, plus generally au naturel will always look better. Follow Leighton’s three-month bridal nail care plan to get the perfect big day nails.

Top tip: “Nail art is big on the beauty scene at the moment,” says Leighton. It’s great if you’re flaunting a more unique and playful look.

Nail it: For creative flair that still looks natural, just have nail art on your wedding finger – think crystal embellishments to bling with the ring.

Top tip: For last minute touches, keep the colour you’re wearing to hand for any last minute touch-ups,” says Leighton. Apply the final coat at the last possible second to avoid smudges.

Nail it: Big white wedding dress, plus nail polish, equals potential disaster. Any last minute touch-ups have to be delegated to another member of your bridal back up team. We’re thinking this could be a job for the MOH, as long as she has a steady hand…

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