Do you need an acid peel before the big day? We trial so you don’t have to

Want perfect skin for your big day but not sure how to achieve it? An acid peel might be for you. Content Writer Melanie Macleod went to mediclinic Omniya to test out the treatment

I’d love to say my dull skin is a result of nights spent agonising over table plans and venue choices, but the fact is, it’s more likely that over indulgence in fizzy drinks and lack of sleep are the causes of my less than desirable complexion. 


Whatever has left your skin a little lackluster, be it wedmin or whatever else, it can be solved by the latest facial to launch at Omniya in Knightsbridge, the Dr. Levy Bespoke Intense Stem Cell Regeneration. 

The facial is designed to rejuvenate age-worn cells and intensely brighten skin. The treatment is tailored to your skin condition and type and comprises an acid peel, light therapy and so much more. 

When I received an invitation to try out the treatment I jumped at the chance. Despite being the resident beauty bod at You and Your Wedding, it’s rare that I indulge in a facial, so as I skipped past Harrods and Harvey Nicholl’s to Omniya’s Knightsbridge location I could hardly contain my excitement. 

Excitement wasn’t all that I was feeling though; I was an acid peel virgin, so a little apprehensive about what lay ahead. I needn’t have been.

The tranquil treatment room at Omniya

As soon as I swished through Omniya’s doors, my therapist Kerry Payne treated me like an absolute princess. The treatment kicked off with deep inhalations of lavender oil, leaving me totally relaxed, especially after a stressful day working out the latest hair trends hitting the bridal industry (messy plaits and undone ponytails, FYI.) 

Next up, Kerry cleansed my face, before steaming me. For a reason unbeknown to me, I loved the steam section! I found it super calming and it felt lovely and warm.

Next up it was time for the Mandelic Acid resurfacing peel, designed to treat dull skin and attack pollution toxins- so important for a London dweller like me.

As a newcomer to acid peels, Kerry armed me with a little hand held fan to blow on my face in case I couldn’t take the heat. I am happy to report it didn’t hurt even a little. It didn’t sting or anything. At worst, it was a tiny bit tingly.

The peel removes the top, dead layers of your skin, so I was a little worried I was going to look like Samantha Jones in Sex in the City when post-peel she has to wear a veil because she looks like she’s been in a terrible accident. Kerry reassured me this wasn’t what it would be like, and that the old layers are simply shed, and nobody would be any the wiser. 

When Kerry cleansed the acid away, my face did sting a little, but it wasn’t painful – in fact, I felt rather refreshed – “this is working!” I thought to myself. 

How I imagined I looked during the treatment…

After that, Kerry covered my eyes and applied LED light therapy, to promote rejuvenation at a cellular level (for non-science types like me, I took this to mean that my deep down cells were being pampered). Despite my eyes being protected, it was pretty bright, but I soon got used to it and loved the warming sensation.

While this happened, Kerry gave me a delightful hand and arm massage, and we chatted away about everything from our personal lives, to her favoured beauty products and what REALLY works in skincare. We talked about how some clients prefer silence during their luxury treatments, while others (like me) are chatterboxes who simply must know EVERYTHING about the treatment they are receiving. 

After the light therapy, Kerry applied a medical grade masque to deliver an instant surge of moisture, before handing me a mirror and showing me my new and improved skin. 

My face had never looked brighter, softer or healthier – I had a glow that I would be overjoyed to sport on my wedding day (and every day, to be honest.) Kerry recommended that brides have three or four of the facial in advance of their big day, and with the results I saw after one treatment, I can only imagine how flawless someone would look after several! 

The next day I woke up and still looked as gleaming as the day before. I headed to work totally foundation free and genuinely never felt better in my own skin. 


The Dr Levy Bespoke Intense Stem Cell Regeneration treatment, £250 for 90 minutes, is available at Omniya in Knightsbridge.