FITNESS REVIEW: Boom Cycle, Holborn

Trying to find an exercise class you enjoy can be difficult, especially as a busy bride-to-be. Y&YW's Molly heads to her very first spin class at Boom Cycle in Holborn to see if partying while your ride is the key to fitness success

Brides looking to tone up before their wedding day are inundated with different diets and exercise plans, but do they work?


Having heard only positive things from friends and colleagues about Boom Cycle, I was intrigued. I’m generally allergic to gym classes due to the fear of public humiliation should I mess up, but having been promised that a ‘party on a bike’, I felt inclined to give it a go.

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Boomcycle trainers are on hand to motivate you throughout your workout


One things for sure, this is not your average spin class. To my delight the room is almost pitch black (ideal for hiding a sweaty face – and boy will you sweat!), and the music is pumping – a remix of Dua Lipa’s One Kiss is our opening track which sets the pace for the next 45 minutes.

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Our instructor Fergal’s enthusiasm is infectious, as he bounds from push ups to sits to squatting (all while riding a bike – who knew?!) the entire room copies him instantly. It feels like a rave on a bike, and by track two you’ll begin to feel the burn, and that’s before the dumbbells are whipped out…

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Not your ordinary bike ride


Boom Cycle has four studios in London: Holborn, Hammersmith, Battersea and Monument.

The rooms are small and dark – so no judgement for heavy sweating!


The brands website claims that Boom Cycle is “the ultimate, ‘party on a bike’ experience for anyone looking for that full body workout”. I would argue that perhaps it isn’t for anyone – if you’re not already regularly exercising it could be a huge shock to the system.

It’s certainly not a zen activity – expect booming music and an energetic trainer whose determination is impossible to ignore. If you’re the type of bride that needs pushing in order to continue through a workout, then this is the perfect class for you. Questions such as ‘why did you get up this morning at 6am?’ resorted in me exercising far harder than I ever have at the gym, and I can imagine that the motivation of looking like your best self on your wedding day would spur brides to be on even more.

Who thought exercise could be this fun?


Leaving an exercise class dripping with sweat and smiling is certainly a rarity. Spending 45 minutes listening to deafeningly loud pop remixes whilst working out every part of your body is no mean feat, but the endorphins released once you step off of your bike makes it so worth it. It’s almost like a cult, with bikes facing the instructor as he works you to your limit. I’ve already signed up to a second class – feeling so accomplished before 9am could definitely get addictive.

Another special feature has to be the Dyson hairdryers in the changing rooms…it’s almost worth the class cost just to pamper yourself after!

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And you will too!


Ideal for brides based in London who want to go hard with their workout in the build up to the big day. It’s not cheap (1 class is £18, although if you bulk buy it does work out less), but it’s a worthy investment in both your health and your happiness. We all know that half of looking good is feeling good, and although I clearly haven’t lost any weight or toned up after one session, I feel fantastic and a lot more positive about my body.

Getting married soon? Squeeze in a couple of classes, prepare to feel the burn and leave feeling strong and ready to take on the world. It’s worth sweating for – trust me!


Book onto the introductory offer for Boom Cycle to get 3 rides for just £29.