Five tips to get fit for the big day

Whether it’s to fit into your dream dress, feel more confident in front of the photographer or build your stamina for the dance floor, there are many reasons why you might want to get in shape for your big day.


We believe all preparation for your wedding should be exciting, not punishing. So, how do you make a lifestyle change without being overwhelmed? 

Forget fad diets and rabbit food – here are five top tips from Fitbit to get fit for your wedding. 


1. Set a realistic goal

Having a target to work toward is so important to stay motivated, but make sure whatever you aim for is realistic. Rather than telling yourself to lose x amount of weight in x days, give yourself time for your lifestyle change to have an effect. A good rule of thumb to remember is that it takes four weeks for you to notice your body changing, eight weeks for your friends to spot the difference, and 12 weeks for everyone else. 

Crash dieting or forcing a change over a short period of time will only come back to bite you when you stop.

2. Keep track of your progress

Don’t let your hard work pass you by – use an activity tracker to monitor your movement. Visualising your progress makes it easier for you to reach goals and encourages you to keep going. The Fitbit ChargeHR wireless activity tracker has been rated as the most accurate activity tracker, and the Fitbit app lets you track steps against your friends – nothing like a healthy bit of competition to push you further!

3. Get app happy

Eating right is just as important as exercising when getting in shape, but it can be tough to remember what you’ve had throughout the day. Apps such as My Fitness Pal let you track what you eat as easily as scanning the barcode on that sandwich that you grabbed on the go. What’s more, My Fitness Pal also syncs with Fitbit, so increases your food allowance based on how much activity you’ve done. Fitbit also has a UK food database which makes logging food really easy.


4. Ditch the scales

Once you’ve got a healthier regime sorted, say goodbye to your scales. While scales are fine for initial weight loss, it’s misleading to gauge your fitness with them. As muscle is more dense than fat, you may find you actually weigh a little more as you build your strength. Use dress sizes and your reflection in the mirror to judge how you’re doing.

5. Make it fun


Whether it’s putting together a pumping gym soundtrack or gossiping with friends on a group jog, keep your workout routine fun. If you’re having a good time when you work out, you’re much more likely to keep at it. As time flies when you’re having fun, your workout will be over before you even know it!