Fun exercise classes to try now

Want to get toned but can’t face running in the park or lifting weights at the gym? We’ve got some fun fitness classes for you that’ll make exercising seem like a breeze.

1Rebel Reshape Full Body


What is it? 1Rebel describes itself as “the new face of fitness” and it’s certainly not your average gym experience. The gyms, based in Broadgate Circle and St Mary Axe, are a cross between an edgy Shoreditch club (think exposed piping and copper-coloured furniture), and a high spec gym (juice bar piled high with protein balls and free-flowing hair products). The high intensity workouts are guaranteed to get your endorphins flowing, thanks to a heady mix of specially curated pumping playlists and seriously enthusiastic trainers. The Reshape Full Body class is a group class in one of the large treadmill-lined studios. The 45-minute session sees you moving between the treadmill, where you do bursts of four-minute runs with the incline and speed increasing each time, and your bench, where you perform various curls and presses with dumbbells as well as squats, lunges and press-ups. In between each four-minute stint, there’s a very welcome 30-second rest.

The atmospheric 1Rebel studio

Is it hard? Yes! This isn’t a workout for the faint-hearted and it’s advisable to have some running stamina under your belt before you go. If you want quick results, you’ll love this class and the buzz you get afterwards. Sweat level: Very high.

More info: 1Rebel has just launched exclusive bridal hen do sessions so that you can incorporate fun fitness into your pre-wedding party. The £40 package includes a session of your choice, either Ride, Reshape or Rumble, as well as a blow dry each at in-house hairdressers Barber + Blow, a superfood bellini, a mini bottle of prosecco and fun decorations. Reshape classes last 45 minutes and cost £20. To book click here.

Dynamic Pilates

What is it? Heartcore’s CoreFormer class packs core-focused functional training in a highly effective, high-energy format that provides a full body workout on custom made machines specifically designed to deliver optimal results by maximizing potential exercise combinations and minimizing downtime.

Is it hard? We’r not going to lie, it is. If you’re expecting a gentle, relaxing yoga-type class then you might get a nasty surprise. However, we loved it as it gave us a full body workout and made use of muscles we didn’t know we had. Sweat level: High.

More info: The class costs £25 and lasts 55 minutes. It is available at various London locations. For more info and to book, click here.


Dynamic Pilates

Xtend Barre

What is it? Xtend Barre was founded by former professional dancer Andrea Rogers in the US, and it has now come to London. Combining elements of dance, ballet and Pilates, it focus on strengthening and lengthening the body, through exercises like pulse movements and isometric exercises.

Is it hard? Some exercises are easier than others, and if you practice yoga or ballet already these moves will be easier for you. However it’s still quite a high intensity workout, and the weighted squat pulses will make you want to curse out loud a little. All worth it though. Sweat level: High.

More info: The 55-minute class costs £25, but prices start at £17 with bundle packages at the London studio. More info and to book, click here.

Xtend Barre

Virgin Iron ZUU

What is it? The latest fitness trend to hit Virgin Active gyms combines old school weight-lifting with primal movements – a combination of HIIT and weight-lifting if you will. It’s broken down into different classes which focus on a different part of your body: lower body, upper body etc. Expect squatting, lunging, deadlifts and mixing bicep curls with bear crawls.

Is it hard? The class description says, “there’ll be sweat, there’ll be tears, and you’ll experience failure,” and we can certainly attest to that. The instructor tells you from the get-go that whatever weights you are used to lifting, you need to increase them to push yourself. And certain moves (wait until you try the ‘frog squats’) leave your legs burning after just 12 reps, but there’s a good team spirit, with everyone high-fiving each other after each tough challenge. The satisfaction of completing a session is well worth the effort. Sweat level: Very high.

More info: The 45-minute class is available at select Virgin Active Studios.


Iron ZUU

Fitness First Glow

What is it? In short, it’s a party on a bike. Think spinning class mixed in with dance music (think a Michael Jackson Thriller remix) and moves, plus some glow-in-the-dark weights.

Is it hard? Well spinning is never easy, but the fun aspects of the class do wonders to distract you from the pain, and the class is over before you know it. There’s something satisfying about the burn in your legs afterwards too. Sweat level: Very high

More info: The class is available to Fitness First members in select clubs nationwide. More info and to book, click here.



What is it? Partnering signature barrecore moves with resistance bands to build intensity, barreSCULPT focuses on deeper, intrinsic muscles, building technique that can be applied to any of the other barrecore classes. It’s a fast-paced class that aims to uphold flow and momentum of movements to keep the muscles guessing.

Is it hard? It certainly is a little more difficult than you’d expect, but it’s doable, even for beginners. The addition of a resistance bands makes your muscles work harder, meaning your legs often end up trembling for moves like squats – the sign of a good workout! Sweat level: Moderate

More info: This class will be available from 15th September at the Hampstead, Mayfair, Kensington, Wimbledon, Chiswick and Chelsea studios, as well as the Alderley Edge and Bristol barrecore studios. A single class costs £28, but you can buy packages at a discounted rate. More info and to book, click here.


Beyoncé Formation Tour Masterclass

What is it? Inspired by Queen Bey’s latest tour, this two-hour masterclass by Seen on Screen Fitness combines the singer’s signature moves to her hits, including Crazy In Love, Bootylicious, Ring The Alarm and Grown Woman.

Is it hard? As long as you don’t expect to magically be able to dance like Bey herself (no one can), you’ll have a blast. While the moves are quick to learn, it takes a while to embrace your inner Sasha Fierce and confidently strut your stuff, but once you’re there, it’s a blast. Sweat level: moderate.

More info: The class last two costs £25 and is available at various London locations. To book, click here.

Beyonce masterclass

P.S. Heading to The National Wedding Show this Autumn? You can practice your dance moves with the SOSF team in The Feel Good Zone, which will also host personal trainers, health experts and more. It will be on 23-15 September at London Olympia, 30 September-2 October at Birmingham NEC and 22-23 October at Manchester Central. More info and to book here.