Get HD-ready for the wedding Blu-ray

Getting a Blu-ray made of your wedding? Make sure you look your high-definition best...

Blu-ray beauty tips

Will you be on film for your wedding? If you’re getting a high-definition Blu-ray made of the big day, bear in mind that it will be five times clearer than your average DVD.


Sounds great, huh?

It will be a lovely way to remember your wedding day, but it is also pretty unforgiving on any blemishes you may have. All the more reason to pay extra attention to your bridal beauty and make-up regime on your wedding day.

Take some tips from top make-up artist and Creative Director of No7 Lisa Eldridge:

Skin care

Skin care is so important – you can’t expect make up to look good (especially in high definition) if you have dry skin, lumps, bumps or patchy areas. Make sure you always cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise – these three steps are the basis of the BD-Ready look.

Perfect your face for make-up by smoothing some primer over the skin.


There is no need to wear a mask, but make sure you get into all the nooks and crannies. The main places people tend to need foundation are around the chin, nose and forehead. Blend/thin the foundation a lot as you move towards the hairline and jaw because this is where the telltale lines and build-up will show in HD.
Blu-ray Discs are five times clearer than your average DVD! Unless you apply the right colour foundation to give a uniform look, everything will appear very unnatural – so when looking at your skin bear in mind the colour of your face, neck and any other skin that is showing.


In everyday life you can get by without concealer but in the world of Blu-ray Disc, blemishes you never even knew you had will stand out. Use a light reflective concealer to cover any dark shadows and an opaque concealer to cover blemishes. Concealer is the equivalent of digital retouching and so long as everything blends seamlessly into the next thing, no one needs to know how much concealer you are wearing.

Highlight Lotions

Take care when applying Highlighting lotions as you can end up looking too shiny and metallic. Ideally, look for a product with very small shimmery particles which blend into your skin completely leaving you looking fresh and defining your contours on film. Blend sparingly to the top of the cheek bones, top of the lip and just down the centre of the nose (but not on the tip!) to give you that extra little sheen.


There is a big difference between good and bad shine. You don’t want your skin to look greasy, and this is where powder comes into play. Silica powder is a godsend for Blu-ray Disc because it becomes completely invisible on the skin and no build-up is visible. Make sure that your nose, forehead and chin are particularly well powdered.

Eyes, Eyelashes, Eyebrows

Eye shadow – Good eye shadow application gives a lovely shape to the eye. Use a brush to get into the socket line and to help you blend properly because as you have probably gathered by now, high definition and bad blending really dont sit well together!

Eyeliner – Eyeliner really defines the eyes, but wonky eyeliner that is away from the lashes is a no no. Make a bit more effort and really paint between the roots of the lashes. Use your fingers to make sure everything is blended, as you don’t want any harsh lines that will show-up on Blu-ray Disc.

Eyelashes – Get your mascara brush right down to the roots – this is where you need lots of definition. If you are going to be filmed or photographed in HD, use a comb as this will just separate the lashes out so they look lash perfect.

Lipstick and Lip gloss


Raggedy, dry or peeling lips are not acceptable on Blu-ray Disc. Using a small amount of Vaseline and a cotton bud (both very cheap), use a rolling motion to gently exfoliate the lips and plump them up. When applying lip liner it’s good to smile with your lips closed, then gently buff around the edges of the lips with a lip pencil. Less is always more – gloss and lipstick both look best in high definition when you don’t use too much. Don’t risk seeing gloopy edges on screen.