Get Ready for Your Close-Up

with these big-day skincare need-to-knows

Picture-Perfect Skin


Has putting that ring on your finger sent your beauty bothers into overdrive? Whether it’s looking younger, getting that must-have glow or helping to relieve chronic dryness that’s got you all a-flutter, Origins has the perfect solution to achieve close-up-worthy skin. Renowned for their expertise in high-performance natural skincare, Origins products are Powered by Nature and Proven by Science.


The age-eraser

An AM and PM dose of mimosa, argan leaf extract and green algae, Origins Starting Over™ will help you downsize the appearance of those lines and wrinkles – and you can even get it oil-free for oily skin, or straight for dry or combination.

Starting Over™ Age-erasing moisturizer with Mimosa, £35 for 50ml, (Price shown is Recommended Retail Price.)


Try Origins Plantscription™ Anti-aging serum Free!

Beauty in Bloom


Spent so long at your florist you feel like you’re a walking encyclopaedia of plants? Bet they didn’t mention this: not only can the right mix of flora in your bouquet earn you serious co-ordination points, but bottled in Origins’ Plantscription™ Anti-aging serum they can make you look younger, too! Crammed with goodness from the bark of the anogeissus tree, the clever little skin-saver has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, to improve skin’s youthful bounce (sagging to you and me) and to make your skin look and feel smoother. Plantscription™ is the result of more than five years of scientific research conducted with the University of Strasbourg, and was put to the test in a 20-week study on women aged 42 to 63. And we thought the language of flowers was all there was to it!

Plantscription™  Anti-aging serum, £45 for 30ml, (Price shown is Recommended Retail Price.)

Try Origins Plantscription™ Anti-aging serum Free!

Daily Dose


If your daily big-day beauty regime is feeling suspiciously like your pre-down-on-one-knee one did, it’s time to up the pamper-factor. There’s more to your moisturiser than a splash of skin-loving hydration – pick the pot that suits your skin-type and you could be shrinking the signs of ageing, plumping and firming or radiance-boosting with every wash!

The energy-booster

Secretly rushed off your feet with wedmin? Look like you’re taking every inch in your stride with a hit of Origins Vitazing™ SPF 15. Packed with antioxidants from juicy mangosteen, it’s a once-daily shot of hydration, energy and protection to give you that just-stepped-off-the-plane-home glow.

£25, (Price shown is Recommended Retail Price.)

The firmer

A slick of Origins Youthtopia™ after your Plantscription™ anti-aging serum kicks those anti-ageing effects up a notch thanks to a smart combo of buckbean extract, barley, sunflower and that crucial ingredient: rhodiola rosea. Think firmed, lifted and tightened looking skin with the appearance of lines and wrinkles reduced and an über-protective moisture barrier.

Youthtopia™ Skin firming cream with Rhodiola, £38 for 50ml, (Price shown is Recommended Retail Price.)

Try Origins Plantscription™ Anti-aging serum Free!

Heavy-Duty Hydration


Too many nights falling asleep at your laptop mid-favour-research? Counteract all those evening beauty-routines missed with a major moisture influx from the Origins Drink Up™ Intensive Overnight mask to quench skin’s thirst. Just massage it on, tuck yourself in and let it work its magic overnight. All that nifty Japanese seaweed will up your skin’s moisture barrier to protect it against future dehydration and the signs of premature ageing – so you can spread on a mask and shake off the guilt next time you wake up with your face on your keyboard…

Drink Up™ Intensive Overnight mask, £20 for 100ml, (Price shown is Recommended Retail Price.)

Try Origins Plantscription™ Anti-aging serum Free!

Bright Eyes


Hen party, nerves or overexcitement bound to keep you up the night before your wedding? Keep a pot of Ginzing Eye™ by your bed to perk up your peepers. Just dab a spot around your eyes first thing and prepare to do a double take: the caffeine, coffee bean, panax ginseng and magnolia complex will bring your dark circles, bags and puffiness down while it wakes your eyes right up!

GinZing™ Refreshing eye cream to brighten and depuff, £20 for 15ml, (Price shown is Recommended Retail Price.)

Try Origins Plantscription™ Anti-aging serum Free!

Strike a Pose


Visit any Origins counter quoting ‘You and Your Wedding’ for a complimentary mini-facial. Plus, receive a Free Checks and Balances™ face wash (75ml) with your first purchase at Simply enter offer code WEDDING at checkout.

*Free Sample offer online and complimentary mini-facial in store ends 31/07/2011. Enjoy a personalised skin consultation, nature’s gentle exfoliation and a luxury facial mask targeted to address your specific skincare concern. To make an appointment, simply visit or call your nearest Origins counter (freephone 0800 731 4039) quoting ‘You and Your Wedding’ or visit the store locator section at Each Mini Facial lasts approximately 30 minutes. One Mini Facial per customer while stocks last.

Try Origins Plantscription™ Anti-aging serum Free!