Get wedding-fit for free

You've got a million and one demands on your cash in the run up to your wedding, so here's five ways to get a workout without paying a penny.

Get wedding fit for free

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Choose a virtual PT
Personal trainers are effective, but pricey, so why not try the next best thing – a virtual trainer! You’ll find free training programmes and exercise plans to use at home, outdoors or in your gym on websites such as www.iamsuperchick.com, which has more than 20 plans to choose from targeting everyone from exercise beginners to new mums and those training for specific events such as a 10km race. Or check out Videojug.com where you can watch videos of specific moves and workouts – it’s like having a gym in your laptop.

Download a podcast

If your own music collection doesn’t quite motivate you to work up a sweat, visit Technosweat.com/podcasts and download tracks and free playlists specifically created to be played while you exercise. You can choose tunes that suit your music taste – from dance to Latin to rock. Alternatively, you can choose tracks that raise your heartbeat to optimum levels for exercise, and there’s even one for interval training.

Head for the park
‘Exercising outdoors is great for fitness as it’s more challenging than an indoor workout,’ says Janey Holliday, founder of outdoor workout company Fit For A Princess. ‘Training on an uneven surface, like grass, means you have to use your balancing and core skills throughout your workout, strengthening your core muscles. You’ll have to work harder against the natural resistance from the wind, too.’

Get a free bike!
Forget expensive frames and fancy gear, getting on your bike needn’t be costly. freecycle.org is a non-profit website where you can find people giving away unwanted items in your area. It’s a great place to pick up an unused bike and, once you’re in the saddle, you’ll soon notice the fitness benefits, too. A recent study for the Department Of Transport found that non-exercisers who took up cycling improved their overall fitness in just a few months.


Power walk
Walking provides a workout for your heart and lungs, burns about 300 calories an hour. If you walk several times a week, it’s as effective as vigorous exercise at reducing your risk of heart disease, according to a Harvard Nurses’ Health Study. A brisk walk can be easily built into your everyday routine. City walkers can plan urban routes at walkit.com – just type in your starting point and destination. It’ll give you a route, tell you how far it is, how long it should take you, and crucially, how many calories you’ll burn.