Gok Wan’s 6 top bridal body tips

The star of Channel 4's 'How to Look Good Naked' give you his essential rules for wedding style!

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1. Get your foundations right


Think of the underwear you wear with your wedding dress as scaffolding – it isn’t meant to look pretty, it’s meant to make your dress fit fabulously. Aristoc do a brilliant range of hosiery called Bodytoners that give you a smoother, slimmer silhouette in moments – team them with control pants and you’ll completely forget your problem zones. Just make sure you have some gorgeous lingerie to change into for your wedding night!

2. Ignore the trends

Choose something timeless for your big day. Now is not the time to go for some crazy creation that will be a one-season wonder. You don’t want to cringe every time you look at your wedding photos!

3. Don’t be dull

Although your dress should be timeless, it should still reflect your personality. Don’t be too safe or go for a style that you’d never wear in a normal dress. Imagine you were going to a ball and choose a wedding dress in a style similar to something you’d wear to that.

4. Ditch the diet

By all means use your wedding as motivation to kick-start a healthier lifestyle but don’t go on an extreme diet, only to pile the pounds back on as soon as you’ve got the ring on your finger. Your fiancé has chosen to marry you – so why would you want to radically change yourself?

5. Start posing

The most lasting memory of your big day comes from your wedding photos so it’s worth practising a flattering position. Twist your upper body 45 degrees from the camera, leave your shoulders in that position, then turn your head back to the front. This is how celebs stand to make sure they look their slimmest when snapped!

6. Get groomed

You’d be surprised how much difference the little things can make to how you look – and feel. Make sure that before your wedding you schedule in time to get a fake tan, have your eyebrows plucked or threaded and your bikini line waxed. And make sure you don’t leave a spray tan until the day before – if it goes wrong, there’s not much you can do!


Gok Wan is working with Aristoc to launch the new Bodytoners range of shaping and toning hosiery. www.aristoc.com